Before you join please read and agree to our Victory Lane Mentoring Group Guidelines:
This group is led by your faith coach and mentor, Annamarie Strawhand.  It's a place for you to grow into your divine gifting and get clear in an effort to fully activate you in your calling  and purpose.  We teach you to hear the guidance of the Holy Spirit of God in your life. You must also be fully committed to your relationship with Jesus Christ and understand that HE has designed your destiny blueprint.   In this group we cheer each other on and support each other in faith and love.  We respect each other's privacy.  In our online classes good note taking is a must and you will need to download, print and fill out your worksheets. This is all crucial to your own clarity and our coaches being able to properly guide you, too.  This group is designed to stretch you and bring you to a higher place and I will be leading along with the requirements of the group curriculum. These methods have been proven time and time again through the testimonials of my many current and past clients and students.  This is a trust and commitment that you will set aside the time to carry out these teachings.  If you are not able to do the required items, and you are just here to get my deeper teachings then you will STAY STUCK. You must ACTIVATE, IMPLEMENT AND CARRY OUT these teachings by faith to see your breakthrough.  We are here to hold your hand and encourage you step by step. (I say this with LOVE because I want to see your breakthroughs happen!)  We are not a church, but a kingdom coaching program with upgrades as we grow. We are coaching you and mentoring you with meat - meat provided from the revelation from the Holy Spirit, the Word of God and my 10 plus years experience as a success coach. It may not fit your immediate need right now. That is for you to discern and I suggest you prayerfully consider this for yourself.  If you are ready to be COMMITTED to being VICTORIOUS in what God has called you to become NOW and in the FUTURE - then you are at the right place! This is a VISIONARY GROUP and we take a "no excuses" approach with daily gentle but firm pushing and accountibilty. You are meant to be victorious here and I designed this group specifically for your success!  If I personally feel you are not able keep up with the commitment of this group  - we will lovingly discuss your immediate needs and I may suggest another option for you.  Thank you for being here and let's get those breakthroughs and reach those goals! - Coach Annamarie *
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