Dad's Day 2019

Knights of Columbus
Dad's Day 2019
Saturday,June 15th, 2019  12:00pm - 4:00pm
St. Mary''s Immaculate Conception Parish
406 Jefferson St. 
West Bend, WI53095

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Children Participating

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I consent to the participation of my child/ward in the above named activity.  In consideration for my particpation and my child/ward's participation, I agree to reimburse and indemnify the parish/school (understood to include the Archdiocese of Milwaukee) for all reasonable legal and court fees incurred by parish/school in defending a lawsuit that I or my child/ward may bring against the parish/school which relates to the above named acticvity if the parish/school is found not leagally liable by the courts and prevails in the lawsuit.  If the parish/school is found legally liable for the injuries sustained by child/ward, this paragraph will not apply.
I certify that I have an understanding of this agreement and any risks and hazards associated with the activity described above that I or my child/ward will be participating in.  I further understand that I had the opportunity to fully discuss this agreement with a representative of the parish/school to clarify any concerns or questions about the activity or this agreement that I may have had.
I also hereby grant the release and use of any photo/image taken of myself and my child/ward for promotion of our program.
Please return your registration, along with $10.00 per family      
by May 19th. 
Checks can be made payable to Knights of Columbus, with Dad's Day in the 'memo', and give them to the Knights at the back of Church.  
Dad's Day Registration Fee *
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