CNCS Computer Support Form

In order to better help you please answer the following questions.
Will the unit power up (turn on)? Prende la unidad?
Is it charged? Esta cargada?
Is it plugged in? Esta enchufada?
Were you able to log onto Windows? (you hit enter and it brings you to the desktop) pudiste iniciar sesión? cuondo presionas enter y
Is your wireless connection on? (Look in the bottom right hand corner for the WiFi button, click on it and see if you are connected) . Esta encendida to conexión inalámbrica?
Can you get onto the internet? (If you open browser, you can search for something) Puedes entrar a internet? si habres el navegador, pues buscar algo?
Is your browser working? (Chrome, Edge) Tu naregador esta trabajando?
Can you log into (this is where you go to get into your email, files and teams) Puesdes iniciar Inicie sesión en
Is TEAMS working? Estan trabajando los equipos?
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