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The goal of our work together is to support you in your growth and development as a therapist and in your work with clients. The purpose of this agreement is to establish a clear understanding of the expectations and purpose of our work together. This agreement is between me, Elizabeth Legg, PhD, LPC, NCC and you,

As with any professional relationship, the alliance between us is extremely important. In order to develop the best collaborative and safe working relationship, it is helpful to agree to guidelines for our work together. Please review these guidelines and sign in the space provided if you agree to them. If you have any questions or concerns about this agreement, please wait to sign and we will discuss them together.

Consultation vs Supervision

Consultation is not supervision. If you are a licensed professional, I am considered a consultant and not legally responsible or liable for your clients. Consultation is viewed as a collaborative relationship between two mental health professionals. The consultant values the integrity and independence of the clinician who is consulting (the consultee). It is the consultee’s client and the consultee maintains primary responsibility for the decisions involving treatment (not the consultant). Therefore, the consultant only advises regarding the issues being brought to consultation (including, when applicable, the utilization of EMDR). You are responsible for the therapeutic relationship with your clients and competency in the modalities you offer. As a consultant, I do not hold liability for how you practice.

If you are not yet licensed, then the relationship may or may not be considered one of clinical supervision, depending on our agreement. Supervision implies that the “supervisor” has primary responsibility for the client’s outcome in treatment, and that the supervisee is practicing under the license of the supervisor. The supervisor carries a legal, ethical, and clinical responsibility/liability for the supervisee. This decision of whether or not to work together in this supervisory capacity is one to be discussed explicitly and made together during a one-on-one initial consultation session, based on fit regarding experience, education, expertise, personality, expectations re: each person’s role and frequency of meetings, etc.

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Supervisor/Consultant commitments

  • I commit to uphold the ethical and professional guidelines of the American Psychological Association, the American Counseling Association, and the Department of Regulatory Agencies.

  • I commit to continued learning and development of my clinical and supervisory/consultation skills.

  • I will strive to model the principles of attunement, engagement, transparency, and presence in our relationship.

  • I will make every effort to communicate with you in a timely manner and respond to your questions and concerns in a professional manner.

  • I will strive to be responsive and open to feedback.

Supervisee/Consultee commitments

  • You agree to uphold the ethical and professional guidelines of your national organization as well as those of your local regulatory agency (in Colorado, the Department of Regulatory Agencies).
  • You will handle all crises and legal reporting situations independent of our supervision/consultation relationship, and notify me as soon as possible about such situations.
  • It is understood that the self-of-the-therapist issues will inevitably arise in the course of this work. You understand that discussing these issues is a very important part of the supervision/consultation process. These discussions, which at times may feel similar to, are not to be misconstrued as personal therapy.
  • In the case of a supervisory relationship, you agree to provide all of your intake paperwork as well as a copy of your CV/résumé and to thoroughly present all of your cases, keeping me informed about any potential safety risks at all times, as soon as that risk becomes apparent.
  • You are open to addressing other issues, such as boundaries, transference/countertransference, the professional/personal interface (vicarious trauma), diversity, and referral and collaboration with other health care professionals.
  • You commit to carry and maintain your own malpractice insurance.
  • You agree to be responsible for keeping track of all supervision/consultation hours.


  • If you are an intern, trainee or employee, you will need to continue working with your primary clinical supervisor. Our relationship is considered secondary to your primary clinical supervisor. For example, if you get differing feedback from your clinical supervisor and me, you would defer to your clinical supervisor at all times. You will notify me of differing feedback between your clinical supervisor and me, in order to best support you toward your goals.

Appointments, Fees and Cancellation Policy

  • Our appointments will be scheduled by mutual agreement.
  • The location location of our appointments will be at my office (2253 Downing St. Denver 80205) or held remotely, as agreed together prior to our sessions.
  • The agreed upon fee for supervision is $200/hr (individual) and for consultation (including EMDR consultation) is $175/hr (individual) and $65 per 2-hour group. Fees for shorter individual supervision and consultation sessions are prorated at the corresponding hourly rate.
  • Fees will be paid at each appointment.
  • A 24 hour notice of cancellation is required for both individual and group appointments (though more notice is preferred). If a scheduled appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance or if you do not show for a scheduled appointment (including group consultation), you are responsible for the agreed upon fee.


  • If you are seeking EMDR Certification, you agree to provide me with a copy of your release and video consent form. In the event you need help creating this form, I will help you with this at our first appointment.
    Our appointments will be scheduled by mutual agreement.
  • Once your clients sign the release, all client information will continue to be used in a professional manner in order to respect their identity and clinical information. Please feel free to change first names and identifying information when presenting your cases.
  • You are responsible for transporting, presenting, and managing your case information in a professional, confidential, and organized manner which includes collecting and destroying presentation forms distributed to the group. If you need help with this, we can address this in our first appointment.
  • In the event that a client is recognized personally by a group member or me, we will not continue the discussion about this particular client.

EMDR Consultation

EMDR consultation focuses on mastery of standard EMDR therapy and integrating EMDR into your practice. The focus of learning during EMDR consultation will be on the following:

  1. Use of the 8 phases of EMDR therapy within a structured treatment plan, including the three prongs and the Adaptive Information Processing model

  2. Client case conceptualization and target selection

  3. Client readiness including inclusion, exclusion, and cautionary criteria for EMDR therapy

  4. Application of the standard EMDR therapy procedural steps

  5. Client safety and effective outcomes using the standard EMDR therapy procedural steps

  6. Integration of EMDR therapy into participants' clinical setting

  7. Specific application of EMDR therapy skills
For which purpose are you seeking EMDR consultation? *

Your reason for entering consultation directs the type of consultation activities. As you develop, you may choose to change the focus of consultation. As soon as you decide to make changes in your focus, please let me know and we will discuss the change in activities or requirements at that time. The following clarifies expectations, the general structure of consultation, what consultees can expect of me and what is expected of you when seeking to complete 10 hours of consultation for EMDR basic training, or to become EMDRIA Certified in EMDR.

EMDR Group Consultation Information

I offer EMDR consultation groups for support in integrating EMDR therapy with your clients and for clinicians seeking EMDRIA Certification. According to EMDRIA requirements, the maximum group size for EMDRIA Certification consultation is 8 consultees. Consultees are expected to come prepared to present case material, complete with notes on that case. Not all group participants are able to present full cases in every group meeting. My goal is that each participant will discuss some aspect of their clinical work in each meeting. Do not include any information that will identify the case you are presenting. The group will meet for 2 hours and meetings will be held remotely via Zoom or at my office (2253 Downing St. Denver CO 80205) (we will confirm the location together prior to the time of the consultation group) and the fee is $65. If you do not provide at least 24 hours’ notice of cancellation or do not show for group consultation for which you have reserved a spot, you will be responsible for that full fee.

For EMDRIA Certification

I am an EMDRIA Approved Consultant. This means that if you have completed the Basic Training in EMDR and wish to become an EMDRIA Certified Therapist, I am approved to provide consultation toward that end. Please visit EMDRIA at for further information on these requirements. Consultation does not substitute for foundational psychotherapy skills. Should concerns in this area become evident, I may require that these concerns be remedied prior to writing a recommendation for EMDR Certification.

What is expected of Consultant

1. EMDRIA currently requires a minimum of 20 hours of consultation (at least 10 hours must be individual consultation) to apply for EMDRIA Certification. I require work samples of all 8 Phases and 3 Prongs of the standard EMDR therapy, and evidence of correcting any concerns prior to writing a recommendation letter for EMDRIA Certification. If you use more than one Approved Consultant in your journey toward EMDRIA Certification, I require a minimum of 10 hours of individual consultation prior to writing a recommendation letter for you to submit for EMDRIA Certification.

2. I encourage you to seek consultation from other consultants if they have a specialty area which fits your needs. Please notify me if additional consultants are utilized for hours towards EMDRIA Certification. The guidance provided to you will be enhanced if you grant both consultants permission to speak to each other.

3. I will document and track our time spent in consultation. I will retain documentation of our consultation together for a five year period from the date our work together concludes. I will write a letter of recommendation or written verification if you have acquired the skills and knowledge base to be Certified and demonstrate this. If the skills and knowledge have not been demonstrated, I can provide written documentation of the time spent in consultation, the skills and knowledge acquired and the areas still needing improvement. We will discuss issues as they arise especially if you are having difficulty.

4. I will keep abreast of current trends and changes happening with EMDR and trauma treatment. I will provide consultees with new information and accommodate your needs as long as it stays within the scope of my knowledge. I will refer to other consultants if your needs are beyond my scope.

5. We will schedule our individual appointments as schedules permit. Suggested frequency is at least 2 hours per month.

6. I will make efforts to provide a safe and supportive learning environment. Any concerns about this, when shared with me, will be addressed with you in private.

What is expected of Consultee

1. Examples of your clinical work are essential to the consultation process. You are expected to come prepared to present case material, complete with case presentation forms, notes, and video recordings of your client sessions.

2. You will need to obtain the necessary releases and video consents from clients. You will share a copy of your video consent and release to me.

3. You will be responsible for completing case presentation forms for the clients that you review during consultation. You will be required to review your work with clients through all 8 Phases and 3 Prongs of the standard EMDR therapy, to include video recorded sessions.

4. You will need to demonstrate proficiency and fidelity to the standard EMDR therapy and an awareness of situations in which modifications to standard EMDR therapy are necessary in order to safely and effectively treat the client. This may include reading and training outside of consultation.

5. Do not include any information that will identify the case you are presenting on materials you share with me without first obtaining a release to do so from your client.

6. You are expected to practice within the ethical guidelines of both your license and professional associations.

7. EMDRIA states that if there is no professional association, then the APA’s code of ethics will be the standard for all EMDRIA members. It is your responsibility to stay current on both the laws and ethics applicable to them.

Supervisee/Consultee Information

*Consultee will provide certificate of completion*

Based on the goals for consultation you have chosen, please be prepared to provide the following:

10 hours required for EMDR basic training completion

- Signed agreement (initial meeting)

- Provide the Targeting Sequence Plan/ EMDR Treatment Plan for each case (bring to each consultation)

- Provide the Basic Protocol Worksheet from each case (bring to each consultation)

EMDRIA certification

- Signed agreement (initial meeting)

- Case presentation material for discussion (bring to each consultation)

I have read and understand and agree to the above conditions and expectations. *
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