Early Career Resource Generation Fellowship Application

Early Career Resource Generation Fellowships 2020
Early Career Initiative of Lilly Endowment Inc.
$2000 Individual Project | $4000 Collaborative Project

Early Career Resource Generation Fellowships

Now that the Early Career Leadership Development Initiative has been in progress for about ten years, there is an opportunity to reach for the “next level” in our programs’ work. The Early Career Resource Generation Fellowships provide a chance for our programs to tell their success stories to a wider audience, strengthen or expand current work, and enrich our colleagues’ experience across the initiative by sparking new ideas for supporting early-career pastors.

Early Career Fellowships fund the creation of new resources to be used by current and future early career program directors, early career pastors, and other church leaders. Previous gatherings of the initiative focused on adult learning/facilitation practices, sustainability, civic engagement, and theology. Resources generated through these fellowships are intended to provide insights into questions related to those themes, such as:

  • What adult learning practices best support the formation of adult learning communities among early career pastors?
  • How are generous partners identified and nurtured for our programs?
  • How do pastors and congregations exegete a community to understand what is going on, and what happens when pastors and civic leaders meet in our programs?
  • How do Christian pastors and congregations convene conversations in the public sphere with theological integrity, given the increasing plurality and polarity of our communities?

In late 2020, resources will be made available electronically to early career pastors, civic leaders, and program directors and staff associated with the Early Career Initiative funded by Lilly Endowment, Inc.

Funds are available for roughly 29 individual projects, or 14 collaborative projects, or any combination therein.

The funding amount and six-month timeline is designed for these resources to be manageable, focused and helpful to your own program as well as for others.


The following people are eligible to submit a fellowship proposal:

  • Program directors and staff within the fifteen early career programs of Lilly Endowment
  • Early career pastors who have participated in any cohort of the fifteen early career programs (Program directors and staff: please share this invitation with the pastors in your Early Career programs and encourage them to submit a proposal.)
  • Civic leaders who have engaged with any of the fifteen early career programs (Program directors and staff: please share this invitation with the civic leaders in your Early Career programs and encourage them to submit a proposal.)

Fundable Projects

We imagine and trust that fellowship submissions will take various creative forms. Some ideas include:

  • A written essay of sufficient length and substance for publication on pastor-civic leader engagement
  • A video project to be used for sustainability efforts and/or recruitment efforts among the programs
  • A workbook of ideas for adult facilitation practices to be used during a session or while on a study tour
  • A video dialogue between civic leader and pastor explaining how communities are strengthened when civic leaders and pastors build relationships
  • A collection of thematic poems, ritual, artwork, liturgy, prayers, reflective memoir, etc. of pastors within cohorts that reflect their experience
  • Articles for religious publications
  • Resources that help programs with sustainability efforts
  • Accounts, stories, narratives coming out of the program that could be shared with potential funders
  • Reflective essay from a civic leader sharing the the impact of an early career pastor in her community
  • The list goes on – be creative!

Financial Details

  • Fellowships will be awarded to individuals, and each person is responsible for IRS reporting.
  • If awarded a fellowship on May 1, 50% of fellowship dollars will be immediately sent to you upon receipt of your completed W-9 form and your signed fellowship contract.
  • Remaining 50% of fellowship dollars will be issued after Oct 16, upon approval of your project Resource and the completed two-page narrative report.
  • If submitting a collaborative fellowship, please indicate how much of the $4000 fellowship each participant should receive, based on projected involvement.  Each person is responsible for IRS reporting. 
The deadline for submitting the application is Wednesday, April 1, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. EST.

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If you have questions about the fellowship application, please contact Rev. Libby Davis Manning at manningl@wabash.edu or 765-623-7011. If you encounter difficulties with the form, please contact WPLP Communications & Events Coordinator Rachel Hassler at hasslerr@wabash.edu or 765-361-6327.

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