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Austin Public Health Special Event Health and Safety Plan

What is the Health and Safety Plan?

Austin Public Health works with event organizers to encourage their patrons to follow health and safety guidelines and the recommendations outlined on the Austin Center for Events website where applicable.

When is a review required?

Tier 2 Events that last four or more hours and include alcohol, food, or beverages and all Tier 3 & 4 Events require an Approved Health and Safety Plan. Information on tiers can be found here.

 What is required?

Organizers must review and complete the requirements listed below, attach a labeled site plan, pay the applicable fee, and complete the signature portion.

Variance Requests

The Health Authority may grant a variance to these requirements if the Health Authority determines that a health hazard will not result from the variance. When a special event organizer proposes to use a sanitation and water supply distribution infrastructure layout that was previously approved, the event organizer is not required to obtain a variance if the proposal matches the previously approved infrastructure layout, the proposed attendance at one time, and flow is consistent with or less than the number of attendees at one time and flow of prior events, and a health hazard will not result from its use. 

Requesting a variance?

In addition to filling out this application, apply for a variance here

Event Details

Is the Event Indoors or Outdoors? *

Water Supply

Unless using a water supply distribution infrastructure layout that has prior approval:
-Water must be provided at the rate of at least one pint per hour for each person present at the site.
-A water outlet or container is required for each 100 persons and be conviently located and protected from contamination.
-At least one dispensable cup shall be provided for each person per hour of attendance or equivilant.

Toilet Facilities

Unless using a sanitation and water supply distribution layout that has prior approval:
-One toilet per 50 persons must be provided (recommend at least 5-10% of toilets be ADA compliant)
-Portable toilets are required to have waste collected at a frequency that prevents overflow and disposed of in a manner that does not create a health hazard or nuisance
-Handwashing stations must be provided in the vicinity of each toilet location and include the following: soap, adequate water supply, and drying facilities. Waste generated from handwashing stations must be disposed of in a sanitary manner.
-Develop and implement a cleaning frequency plan to maintain sanitary conditions of toilet facilities and handwashing facilities

Additional Documentation

A site map of the location must be provided showing the following:
-Number, type, and location of toilets
-Number and location of hand washing facilities
-Water supply locations


Austin Center for Events shall deny a special event application if the applicant fails to provide sufficient safety, health, or portable sanitation equipment, services, or facilities that are reasonably necessary to ensure that the event will be conducted with due regard for safety. 


Austin Center for Events shall deny a special event application if it determines that the resources required to ensure public safety within the special event venue or impact area will prevent the police, fire, or emergency medical services departments from providing reasonable protections to the remainder of the City.  

Signature *
Payment and Processing Information
Before submitting your completed application, ensure the required supporting documentation is attached where indicated. 
Once you have submitted your application, our Customer Service Representatives will process your application within 2-3 business days. Once complete, you will receive an invoice via email with options for you to submit payment. 
When payment is received, our planner will review your application and provide you with feedback regarding your submittal.
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