SOLD OUT! -Please acknowledge: Game Day Packs pick up will be on Saturday, February 11th between 11am-3pm. Pull behind the restaurant to our beer garden and we will help you load up. All items are par-cooked and ready to be heated. *
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Game Day Pick Up Packs

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Beer & Cocktails

Super Bowl Special, 50% OFF!!! 4 pack Laid Up Lager 16oz cans
4 pack Lone Palm Gold 16oz cans
4 pack Five Points IPA 16oz cans
4 pack Red Drum Amber 16oz cans
4 pack Working Man Porter 16oz cans
Bacon Old Fashioned. 12oz bottle, serves 4 cocktails.
Paloma. Tequila, sparkling grapefruit, lime. 22oz bottle, serves 4 cocktails.
Gin & Tonic Our famous G&T is made with Ford's Gin, and stretched Jack Rudy Tonic. 22oz bottle, serves 4 cocktails.

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