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Studio Policies

Welcome to the 2019-2020 Dance Season!

We are SO EXCITED to start our 2019-2020 dance season! This document is filled with lots of information covering the entire dance season. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the studio at your earliest convenience at 325-763-4807.

We request that you keep your information updated in your parent portal throughout the year as all communication for the school year goes out through email or text message system. Keeping an updated profile will ensure that you are up to date and fully informed on all studio events & policies. Feel free to print out all of the dance information, including this handbook, and keep it in a file folder for easy reference to questions you might have.


SABA reserves the right to change the schedule if absolutely necessary, under special circumstances. Beginner classes are scheduled by age and grade, and advanced classes are placement based. PRIVATE LESSONS are available upon request. These lessons are 1-hour in length and are $30.00 per lesson (45 min private lessons offered to our younger students). Anyone interested in private lessons will need to contact the studio director.


The studio will operate on a 9 month calendar, excluding ½ the month of August, December, January, and May.  The studio will follow the San Angelo ISD Academic Calendar for holidays unless otherwise notified.

Holidays Observed:

Monday Sept 2nd: Labor Day

Friday, Oct 11th: Student Holiday

Monday Oct 14th: Columbus Day

Thanksgiving Week Break  (November 25th-December 1st)

Parent Visitation Week/Open House (December 9th-13th )

Christmas Break (December 16th- January 19th)

**We will have classes Jan 20th despite the SAISD student holiday

Friday, Feb 14th: Student Holiday

Monday, Feb 17th: Presidents Day

Spring Break: March 9th-13th

April 10th: Good Friday

May 1st: Student Holiday

Spring Recital Please block off the weekend of May 15-17 for SABA spring recital.

Class Cancellations

During periods of severe weather we will consult with SAISD and the media. Should weather conditions make it unsafe to the dancers; all efforts will be made to notify families in a timely fashion through our dance portal via email and text message.  In case of teacher illness, a make-up class will be rescheduled based on the availability of the teacher and the studio schedule ONLY if a substitute teacher cannot be found.  Credits or refunds on monthly tuition will not be made.


At the beginning of each season, each student must pay a $25 registration fee. The registration fee is due at the time of registration and is non refundable.

Tuition and Discounts

Current tuition rates are $50 for a 45 minute class and $55 for a 60 minute class. If a student adds a second class and or more, the student will receive a 10% double class discount.  SABA also offers a 10% discount for siblings.

Payment Policies

Tuition will be posted through your dance portal by the end of the previous month or the first day of the current month (this may slightly vary with holidays).   SABA accepts payment in the form of checks (made payable to SABA), credit cards, and debit cards (NO CASH PLEASE).  Payments are due by the 1st of each month with a 8-day grace period.  All payments made after the 8th will have a $10 late fee accessed.  Payments can be made through the parent portal, at the front desk during office hours, or dropped off in our payment box at any time.  Fees for returned checks are $35.00, and returned checks are also subject to additional late fees. Overdue accounts are required to be paid in full before costumes are released. Severely unpaid accounts will be subject to student suspension until paid. Families can keep a cc on file if you would like us to automatically run your card each month.  These cards will be processed between the 1st and 8th of the month.

- All shoes, dance wear, costumes, or other dance supplies are required to be paid for in full prior to taking them from the studio.

- At SABA, we understand that from time to time financial matters may arise, and we are more than willing to work with your family to come up with a payment plan that works best for you, or a more convenient payment date. Please contact the studio director should you need to make alternate payment arrangements.

There will be no refunds for missed or canceled classes. Registration, costume fees, and competition fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.  If a child must be out of class longer than 2 weeks, the student will be placed on a medical hold and not be charged tuition until they return back to class.

-Our students are in our database alphabetically by their last name. Many of our students have different last names from parents or guardians who are paying for dance expenses. In order for us to properly credit your account, please include the following information in the memo of your check.

  1. Student(s) First & Last Name
  2. State what you are paying for: Monthly Tuition (State the month), Dance Supplies (Shoes, bodysuit, etc.), Costume

If you have any questions concerning your account balance, please inform the office at your earliest convenience and we will be happy to look everything over.  You can do this by emailing or calling the office at 325-763-4807.Studio Policies

Please note the following guidelines regarding all classes

1. Parents and dancers alike: please practice respect. SABA strives to be a positive and welcoming environment for students, staff, and clients. Please do your part to make sure we continue offering an incredible program

2. All students must carefully observe our dress code outlined in this handbook and on our website. Hair must be pulled back off of face for all classes and pulled into a bun for ballet classes. Please no jewelry.

3. Closed Door Policy: Parents and/or guests are not permitted in the studio while classes are in session. It can be very distracting to our younger dancers, and many are uncomfortable with strangers watching. To keep all of our dancers comfortable and happy dancing, we will only allow viewing to occur during the designated viewing weeks. We appreciate your co-operation in this matter!

4. SABA is a nut-free zone for the safety of all dancers.

5. Items left behind after class will be placed immediately into the lost & found. Please check the lost & found for any missing belongings. Items left in the lost & found at the end of the year will be donated to Goodwill.

6. Studio lobby space is available for the convenience of our students and their families. The waiting rooms are for waiting, reading, snacking, conversation, homework, and children playing with toys or games brought from home. Please respect the activities of others and the classes in session by keeping your volume at a reasonable level. We ask that you tidy up your space when you are finished, clean up any spills/etc., and treat all studio property with respect to keep it in good condition.

7. To protect our dance floors, no street shoes are allowed inside the dance rooms at any time (except in hip hop class), especially black soles. Similarly, dance shoes should not be worn outside, even if it “just” running from the car to the studio. Street shoes should be left neatly in the lobby in the areas, dressing rooms, or dance bags. Parents, this includes you too! No food or drink, except water bottles are allowed on dance floor.

8. Please note that there is no supervision in either of SABA's lobby areas. Please be on time to pick your child up from their class(es), or let us know in advance if you will be late. For safety purposes, all students should wait inside the building while waiting for pickup.

9. Cell phones are not permitted in the dance space. Please leave them (as well as other valuables) in your bags

10. Please bring water to class. While we do have a water cooler, it may run out during a class or something else misfortunate might happen. We want all our dancers to stay hydrated!

11. Creative Dance students must be potty-trained to enroll in class.

Class Withdrawals

You may withdraw from any class by giving a 2week notice either by phone, email, or in person. Monthly tuition will be adjusted to reflect the change in classes. The change in tuition will take effect on the 1st of the next calendar month. To discontinue all classes and withdraw from the studio a withdrawal form must be made and submitted to SABA.  SABA has a rolling wait list, and we want to make sure we can accommodate all students, therefore by notifying staff that you will be withdrawing will help us with this process.

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Due to the layout of the facility, I recommend that each student arrive 5 minutes prior to class to allow them to prepare by changing their shoes. During that time,  please use the restroom prior to class  to cut down on class disruptions.  Preschool and elementary aged children will not be permitted to leave the building without a parent. Junior High and High School aged dancers must wait inside until they see their ride has arrived. We do have tiny waiting areas and lots of kids, so be on the lookout for specific class emails with helpful hints for dropping off and picking up.

Studio Dress Code

It’s important for students to abide by the SABA dress code policy for the following reasons:

  • A neat and tidy appearance sets an attitude of attentiveness and respect for students, teacher, and the art of dance.
  • Teachers must be able to see the dancer's body outline clearly, in order to make proper corrections on posture, alignment, etc.

General dress code guidelines:

  • Hair must be properly secured and tied up off of the face and neck for all styles of dance. Those with shorthair or bangs should use a headband or hairclips. Hair must be in a bun for ballet classes 1A-Level 4. All other classes, student’s must wear hair in pony tail and out of face.
  • Jewelry is not permitted in any dance class.
  • No gum chewing.
  • No street clothes which includes jeans, or jean shorts.
  • Skirts are allowed only in our Primary division classes (Pre-School Classes, Creative Dance, Ballet 1A.) and must be worn over a leotard.
  • Dancers who consistently arrive to class without their proper uniform will be asked to sit out.
  • It is recommended that younger dancers pack an extra set of clothing (street clothes including underwear) in their bag in case they have an accident.
  • PLEASE make sure all shoes are well labeled with your child’s name! This makes it much easier to identify if they are misplaced.

Creative Movement, Pre-School Classes, Ballet 1A- Ballet 1B: Pink tights, any solid colored leotard, pink leather ballet shoes (full-sole only), hair in bun or pony tail (boys need black shorts, white t-shirt, and black ballet shoes). Pre school jazz students will also need black slip on leather jazz shoes and pre school tap students will need patent leather black tap shoes with ties.

Ballet 2A- Pink tights, black leotard, pink leather ballet shoes (full-sole only), hair in bun (boys same as above)

Ballet 2B- Ballet 4- Pink tights, black leotard, pink canvas-split sole ballet shoes, hair in bun (boys same as above)

All levels of Jazz and Contemporary: solid colored leotards preferred with appropriate tights or with optional spandex shorts or spandex pants over, black leather jazz shoes (no mesh), hair in pony tail or bun. Contemporary students can wear turners, lyrical shoes, or barefoot.

All levels of Tap: solid colored leotards preferred with appropriate tights or with optional spandex shorts or spandex pants over, hair in pony tail or bun.

  • Tap1 students need to be in black patent leather tap shoes with tie.
  • Levels 2-3 need to have the leather oxford tap shoes. 
  • Advanced students must dance in a higher grade shoe ordered through SABA.

Hip Hop: Comfy clothes which can include t-shirt, shorts, sweats, yoga pants, etc. We ask that students wear tennis shoes or athletic shoes without black soles, hair in pony tail.

SABA does not keep a full stock of dancewear year-round; rather we place orders at the end of each week. Order forms are available in the office. Items may also be purchased at other retailers in our home town such as the Angelo Dance Boutique, Academy, Walmart and Target, however, please ensure you are purchasing proper dance shoes (not costume or play-type shoes). It is important to have the proper shoes to work the feet and protect our dance floor. If you have any questions as to what is appropriate, please don’t hesitate to contact the studio.

Waiver and Release

I agree to participate with San Angelo Broadway Academy and programs as follows:

  1. I recognize the risk of injury common to any performing arts program, and that I am participating in this program upon the express agreement and understanding, that I hereby am waiving and releasing the company and its staff from and against any and all claims, actions, causes of action, damages, costs, liabilities, expense of judgments, including attorney’s fees and court costs, arising out of my participation in this program.
  1. I hereby understand and will comply with all policies regarding the STUDIO AND TUITION POLICIES.
  1. I understand that tuition is due by the 1st of each month with a 8-day grace period, and my account will be considered delinquent after the 8th of the month, and a $10 late fee will be applied to my account. I understand that the student’s absence does not waive this late fee.
  1. I understand that if I wish to drop any class I must contact the office 2 weeks prior to the next tuition to avoid responsibility for the following month’s tuition. I am aware that no prorating or refunds will be issued due to withdrawing from classes.
  1. I understand that costume fees are in addition to normal monthly tuition and are non-refundable.
  1. I give San Angelo Broadway Academy permission to use my child’s photo and video imaging for advertising and marketing purposes.
  1. I understand that if my account is not in good standing two weeks before a performance that my child may not perform, and severely delinquent accounts could result in student suspension from class until the account is paid in full.
I have read the Waiver and Release, as well as the Studio Policies and understand them completely. *

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