U21/PwC Innovation Challenge Registration 2018

Please register the name of the institutional contact for the U21/PwC Innovation Challenge below. This will provide U21 with a point of contact for the competition; this is the individual that U21 will notify of further competition details as well as upcoming submission deadlines, and branding material. Note that this contact information will also be shared with PwC network leaders.
Please ensure that you select the correct Group Round; they are listed below as a reminder. 
A reminder of the Group Rounds:
Group A
Applications open Monday 23 April 2018
Deadline on Friday 25 May 2018

University of Melbourne University of New South Wales
University of Queensland University of Auckland
Fudan University Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Waseda University University of Delhi

Group B:
Applications open Monday 8 October 2018 
Deadline on Friday 9 November 2018 
Pontifical University of Chile Tecnológico de Monterrey
Hong Kong University University of Connecticut
National University of Singapore University of Maryland
Korea University University of British Columbia
McMaster University  

Group C:
Applications open Monday 21 January 2019 

Deadline on Friday 22 February 2019 

University of Johannesburg University of Nottingham
University of Edinburgh University College Dublin
University of Glasgow University of Amsterdam
Lund University University of Zurich
University of Birmingham