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Outer Coast Year 2020-21 Student Application

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The Outer Coast Year consists of two four-month semesters that combine rigorous, college-level academics, meaningful service to the community, and student-led self-governance. Both inside and outside the classroom, Year students will learn how to identify, analyze, and respond to the challenges — both big and small — that face the world today.

The Fall Semester runs from August 31 to December 19, 2020.

The Spring Semester runs from January 19 to May 8, 2021.

All high school graduates are welcome to apply. Outer Coast will meet all demonstrated financial need.

More information about the Year and Outer Coast can be found in the Outer Coast Year Program Overview, or at If you have any questions, please contact

The application is only open for the Spring Semester and will remain open until September 30, 2020. Applicants will receive an admission decision within a month of their submission, with all decisions finalized by October 15, 2020. A number of qualified applicants will be placed on a waitlist, with the possibility of admission through January 2021.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

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The Outer Coast team wants to learn about who you are and how you see the world. You’re invited to use your responses on the next page to show us around your mind and life, to give us the inside scoop of what makes you you. Stories are a wonderful way to do that, and so is a big idea about how you want to change the world. We encourage you to be creative; there is no one answer that we’re looking for — the best answers are in your genuine voice and from your lived experience.

Short Answer Questions (250 words or fewer)

Please respond to the following prompts in up to 250 words each. While the length of your responses will not be a basis for assessment, we hope you take the opportunity to express yourself fully.

If you are selected to attend the Year, your answers will be shared with Outer Coast staff and faculty.

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Teacher Recommendation

Please ask a teacher to be your Outer Coast Year recommender. We will contact your teacher to learn more about you as a student and a person.

Your teacher will receive an email directing them to the recommendation form when you submit your application. Your teacher's recommendation is due a week after you submit your application.

Optional Recommendation

If you feel there is a figure in your life (e.g. another teacher, an employer, a mentor, a peer, etc.) who knows a different side of you than your teacher recommender, you have the option to obtain a second recommendation from them.
Their recommendation is due on the same timeline as your teacher's recommendation.