Fraser Land Development - Design & Layout Concepts

The Edmonton CDC and its Fraser Partners are seeking feedback to help us decide which concept to build. The concepts are based on ideas from community members.
The land (see land diagram below) is currently zoned for row housing. Once a concept is chosen, we will proceed with rezoning if necessary. It can take 6 to 12 months for rezoning. We will also work with people who might live in or locate their business within the structure. They can help us with the final design a building that meets their needs.
We cannot rely on grants to build, maintain or operate the building so we will be seeking financing and investment, including exploring the potential for a local investment co-op.
We will publish the results of the feedback process on our website.
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General Information

We are asking for your  name and email address for a few reasons: First, we prefer people claim ownership of their own responses. Second, if we need more information about your form or comments you make we want to be able to contact you. Third, once we have a report on the survey, we will email you a link. As well by entering your email address, you will get a copy of your submission automatically in your inbox. 
That said, if you really don't want to divulge your name and email address, you don't have to. Please trust we will not be sharing individual results or sharing with others who said what.

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