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  • Vantage Score - This is a score created by the three major credit reporting bureaus in 2006, aimed at competing with the FICO Score. You can purchase your VantageScores through Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.

  • Credit Reports - The record of your credit history, including credit inquiries, credit accounts, balances, credit limits, timeliness of payments, accounts in collections, and public records (e.g., wage garnishment, tax liens, bankruptcies, foreclosures, lawsuits, judgments). Creditors often look at your credit reports, as well as the credit scores that the reports generate. That’s why looking over your credit reports is the first step in the credit repair process. The only way of cleaning them up is knowing what’s on there. You can see your credit reports every 12 months through

  • Credit Reporting Bureaus - The agencies that compile your credit history into credit reports. The three main credit reporting bureaus are Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. All three agencies have separate credit reports on you, so it’s important to see all three.

  • Credit Report Dispute - The action you take to challenge a mistake that you find on your credit report. Though every credit bureau has an online dispute process, it is recommended that you dispute the error in writing and send it via certified mail with return receipt requested.

  • Debt Validation - The action you take to challenge an old debt that has been turned over to a collection agency or purchased from the original creditor by a debt buyer. When you request debt validation, the collector is required, by law, to verify the debt, including their right to collect on it. If such proof cannot be provided, you are not required to pay the debt and the listing must be removed from your credit reports.

  • Secured Credit Card - A credit that requires a cash deposit. Generally, the amount of the deposit is equal to the credit line. Provided you apply for a secured credit card that reports to the credit bureaus, it’s a great way to rebuild bad credit. Once you have improved your credit score, the secured credit card may be upgraded to a regular credit card or you may apply for one through a different issuer.

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  • Negative Item Credit Disputes
  • Debt Reduction, Lower Interest rates (APR)
  • Avoid Bankruptcy, Credit Advisors and Budgeting
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  • LEVEL 2 ACCOUNT PROMO Package - Limited time offer includes 12 months of Full-Service Credit Restoration and an unsecured $10,000 Line of Credit to Build and Establish Positive Credit Points with moving into the Future. FOR JUST $499
  • STANDARD Package Level 1 Account - Includes the same as the PROMO Offer but with only a $5,000 unsecured credit-line to build positive credit. FOR JUST $45 per month. 
           (To continue building your credit rating after 12 months is just $99 thereafter)

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