Orlando, FL - Physical Mediumship Séance with Scott Milligan - APPLICATION FORM

In March 2019 in conjunction with We Don't Die Orlando -  there will be limited availability to attend a Physical Mediumship séance with one of the world's top physical mediums and tutor, Scott Milligan. As spaces are very limited, we ask for your application as your sincere interest and dedication to this area of mediumship.  Priority will be given to those attending the "Workshop Days" on Thursday & Monday. Find out more about the "Workshop Days" by CLICKING HERE.

The cost of the seance will be $100. The cost for those attending Scott, Kerry & Phil's "Workshop Days" is $75. Exact schedules have not been determined, but seances will most likely be starting at 6:00PM or 7:00PM.

PLEASE READ "Seance Instructions & Precautions for Physical Circle" AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE BEFORE SUBMITTING THIS APPLICATION. You must sign a consent form prior to the séances and we must know that you are comfortable with each item.

We look forward to sharing the wonderful world of Physical Mediumship.

Are you a registered attendee for the We Don't Die - Orlando March 29-31, 2019 ? *
What evenings could you be available to attend a séance? *
Have you attended a physical medium séance in the past? *
Do you belong to any online groups related to Physical Mediumship or séances? *
Are you currently part of a home circle? *
Would you be willing to attend an online briefing session via Zoom prior to the Symposium? *
I have read fully, understand and agree to the "Seance Instructions & Precautions for Physical Circle" below. *

Thank you for taking the time to provide your input.

We look forward to the possibility of having you join one of the séances!  

We will contact you regarding your application and/or any other information we may need. 
Seance Instructions & Precautions for Physical Circle  (PLEASE READ)

Physical Mediumship is a rare form of Mediumistic Phenomena and few Mediums subject themselves to this type of mediumship in today’s public arena. Some mediums in the past have sustained serious injury and loss of life due to inappropriate conduct of persons during séances.

All séances scheduled for March & April 2019 are for the sole purpose of experimentation and entertainment. At no time will any member of the séance team or hosting venue be held responsible in any way for the content or communication (personal or otherwise) produced by whatever means, in any séance.

We request that you read and accept the following conditions. If you are unable to accept any of the conditions listed, we request that you refrain from attending a séance with us.
1. All séances are held in complete darkness and can last between one to two hours. If you have a fear of the dark or are claustrophobic, you should not attend a séance.

2. Careful procedures are taken to protect the medium at all times. Therefore, tickets cannot be resold or transferred, once the reservation has been made and paid for.

3. Anyone who is or may be pregnant must advise a representative before booking a séance.

4. Individuals attending a séance must not use any unnecessary drugs or alcohol 24 hours before the start of a séance.

5. All persons, including the medium, will be thoroughly searched before entering the séance room. The following items must be removed before entering: shoes, jewelry, wallets, purses, head gear, belts and watches. All pockets must be empty. All metal objects must be removed. All sources of light, mobile phones and electrical equipment or machinery, such as cameras or recording devices are not permitted. (There will be a room nearby for personal belongings). No food or beverages are allowed in the séance room.

6. All participant will be hand and metal detector - searched by a member of the same sex. All participants must agree to be searched to participate.

7. If you have any communicable diseases or illness, common cough or flu, we ask that you not attend without written permission from the medium.

8. If you feel you would become distressed or unnerved in any way by a spirit person communicating verbally or physically at the séance, you should not attend.

9. It is advisable to refrain from food or have only a light meal two-hours prior to a séance. This ensures that additional energy is not used in digesting food.

10. Sitters are asked not to make unnecessary noise during the séance unless participating in singing.

11. There will be a talk prior to the séance that all participants must attend regardless of any previous attendances.
12. Once the séance room is sealed off, if a person were to panic or feel uncomfortable and wanted to leave the room, the séance would have to be terminated for everyone. So, all persons are reminded that they have a responsibility to disclose any information that may affect the séance.

13. It is extremely important that all guests come to the séance with an open mind. The success of the communication can come down to the positive vibration created by those in attendance. We ask that all worries and thoughts of the day be left outside.

14. Once invited into the séance room, sitters are asked to sit where a designated representative seats them. When possible, new sitters will be asked to sit between those who have sat in previous séances. Once seated, we ask you to minimize movements and at no time exchange seats with another person.

15. The physical medium will be secured in a chair with straps and cable ties. Independent checkers will be invited to evaluate and secure the straps and bindings. An independent checker will be chosen to keep possession of the cable cutter at all times during the seance.

16. All exits to the séance room will be closed and secured. A final light check will be conducted before the red-light source is extinguished..

17. Sitters are asked to remain still and quite throughout the séance, unless instructed otherwise by a spirit control or circle representative. Exaggerated movements disturb the seance room energy and unexposed ectoplasm contact can cause grave harm to the medium.
18. Sitters must not touch or grab levitated objects or spirit entities, unless permission is granted from a spirit person or the designated Circle Leader.

19. All persons when instructed to do so, must hold hands. This is done to ensure everyone is located at their assigned place and also to maintain the safety of the medium.

20. At no time will any person be discriminated against by any circle member or any representative. All persons will be accepted to a séance by their own merit upon application.

The physical mediums are highly sensitive. Sitters agree that they will not disrupt the event in any way. Disruption may cause serious injury to the medium.

The physical mediums cannot be exposed to ANY light whatsoever, and accordingly all sitters agree they will not do anything to interfere with the medium, with the conditions of the séances, with the spirit communicators, or to introduce any light / cameras / recording devices whatsoever. You must also consent to a physical search by a representative of the same sex before entering the seance room.

During the sessions, the sitters shall act with due responsibility and respect towards the medium, spirit communicators and all other persons present, and to follow all instructions and directions given by the Circle Leader.

The physical mediums and their representatives state that during the séance, the medium has no responsibility for any communication which may or may not occur.

You must bring a legally recognized photo ID on the evening of the séance as valid proof of your identity. This is done to ensure that tickets are redeemed only by the person who has been approved to attend the séance.

By accepting a séance, you acknowledge that all services are for personal and entertainment use only. Clients must be 18 years or older to attend a séance. What you do with the information is solely your choice, and at no time should the information shared replace medical, psychological, or financial services. The mediums, partners, and all related parties, accept no liability for how you choose to interpret, receive, or act upon the information provided. All services are non-refundable. Management reserves the right to discontinue services or refuse a potential client. The sitter (client) is solely responsible for all information provided in a session.

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