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Junior Volunteer Teacher Recommendation
Participation in the Junior Volunteer Program requires a high level of maturity, responsibility and commitment.
Students must be able to follow instructions and work independently.
Students are accepted based on their application, teacher recommendations, interview and space available in the program.
Please take the time to evaluate this student by thoughtfully and accurately filling in the information below.
We appreciate your honest evaluation and assessment of the applicant as well as your insight about the student's maturity.
Your responses will remain confidential and will not be shared with the student.
Student/Junior Volunteer Applicant Information:
Please rank this student in the following areas: *
 AlwaysUsuallyFrequentlyRarelyNo Opportunity to Observe
CONDUCT: The student is punctual and follows school and class rules.
COOPERATION: The student works well with peers and teachers.
DEPENDABILITY: I can depend on this student to complete assigned tasks without prompting.
RESPONSIBILITY: The student accepts responsibility for his/her work and behavior.
ATTENTION: The student listens and follows instructions.
COMMUNICATION: The student speaks clearly and effectively.
INITIATIVE: The student is resourceful and self-reliant in dealing with new situations.
COURTESY: The student shows respect for adults and authority figures, accepts supervision and treats others with kindness.
MATURITY: This student acts maturely around both peers and adults.
TEACHER - once you answer the final question below and click the submit button, you will receive an automatic reply email with a copy of the answers you submitted.  Please check your email as we want to be sure that you are the one completing this form.  If it does not come to your regular inbox, please check your SPAM or CLUTTER folder.  Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.  Your input is appreciated!
If you have any questions, please contact:
UVACHVolunteer@uvahealth.org  *  703-369-8173