2022 Volunteer Annual Mandatory Education CBL (Computer Based Learning) Quiz

DIRECTIONS:  Please complete the quiz below.  You must be able to pass the quiz with a score of 80% or higher. (You cannot miss more than 5 questions.)  Once you submit this online quiz, you will see your score sheet with correct answers.  If you scored 80% or higher... CONGRATULATIONS!  If you missed more than 5 questions you must retake the quiz, as many times as it takes, until you score a minimum of 80%.

Section 1 - Training Covered
Diversity                                            Infection Prevention & Control                                Safety & Confidentiality
Customer Service                                Handling Emergencies                                             Being a Volunteer

Section 2 - Read the Following statements and check the appropriate box
As a Volunteer,
I will provide excellent customer service and show respect to everyone I encounter.
I will refrain from proselytizing, initiating, or engaging in any conversation or behavior which may be offensive or controversial to others.
I understand that I may decline to do any task, at any time, if I do not feel comfortable or safe.
I understand *
I understand that in the course of my volunteer work I may be exposed to information of a confidential nature pertaining to patients and/or their families or guests.
     - I will consider as confidential, and hold in strict confidence, all information which I may hear directly or indirectly.
     - I will not seek information in regard to a patient, except as it pertains to my volunteer assignment.
     - I will not share any confidential information with anyone other than the patient's care team.
     - I understand that unauthorized disclosure of confidential information is grounds for immediate dismissal.
     - I will not take a photograph or record any patient or have any PHI on my personal device(s).
I understand *
I have a responsibility to safeguard our patients' health by following good infection control practices including:
     - I will use proper hand hygiene: sanitize your hands before and after every entry into a patient room. I will wash with soap and water for at least 20 to 30 seconds when hands are visibly soiled, before and after eating and after I use the restroom. 
     - I will not volunteer when I have a cold, fever, diarrhea, flu symptoms, body aches, cold sore, or when I am unwell in any way be communicable and put a patient at risk. I agree to wait 72 hours after being symptomatic before returning to volunteer.
     - I understand that I am at potential risk of accidental exposure to blood or body fluids.  
I understand *
I have read and will abide by the UVA Prince William Auxiliary Volunteer Handbook which are in conjunction with UVA Health's Policies and procedures.
I have received training on each topic mentioned above; I had the opportunity to ask questions. 
I understand my role and responsibility as a Volunteer.
I understand that my ID Badge is the property of UVA Health. I will protect it and wear my picture ID badge in the neck/chest area when on-site. When I no longer volunteer, I will return my badge to the Volunteer Services office.   
I have reviewed and understand Fire Safety procedures.
I will notify the Volunteer Services office of any absences. If I have an unexcused absence for more than three times, I may lose my volunteer position and may be dismissed as a volunteer.
I understand my duty to report any criminal conviction within 5 days of incident or face immediate dismissal.
I understand *