Main Street Wauchula Inc. Presents
Decorating Downtown for Christmas

Three Prize Categories:

  • Best Business - $100 in advertising of your choice
  • Best Non-Profit or School Affiliate - $100 cash donation
  • Best Individual - $50 gift card

Entry Details:

  • Fees: (Main Street Wauchula, Inc. members FREE)
  •      Business - $30
  •      Non-Profit - $15
  •      School Affiliates - $10
  •      Individual (not affiliated with a business or organization) - $10
  • Entry Deadline: , Nov. 25th
  • Decorating will begin Saturday, November 30th and MUST be completed by Friday, December 6th @ 5pm
  • Poles will be judged on Friday, December 6th after dark
  • Winners will be announced during the Christmas parade on Saturday, December 7th
  • Poles are judged on “Creativity”, “Appearance”, and “Theme” - Poles are encouraged to follow the parade theme “An Adoration Christmas”
  • Pole MUST use some form of lights (each pole has a 15w outlet)
  • Decorations may be removed Friday, January 3rd thru Wednesday, January 9th
  • Decorations must be able to withstand the elements
  • Decorations cannot contain lewd or inappropriate material. This is up to the discretion of MSW.
  • Do not use tape, screws or un-insulated wire to decorate your pole (You may use covered wire and/or plastic ties)

Numbers can be found near the bottom of each pole to help you verify the pole of your choice.  Please select the pole you wish to decorate.  Poles are first come first serve with priority given to Main Street Wauchula members.  Proximity to place of business is also be considered. 

I understand that Main Street Wauchula, Inc. may use photographs of actual Adopt-A-Pole entries and names of entries for publicity and promotion. My pole decorations must remain in place through January 4th and be removed no later than January 9th. Main Street Wauchula, Inc. is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items associated with the decorated pole. I am responsible for “fixing” an issues that may arise associated with my decoration for the duration they are in place. I understand that my pole will not contain any lude or inappropriate material which is up to the discretion of Main Street Wauchula. If it does, I may be asked to fix it or remove it or it will be removed for me. I will keep in the fun spirit of Christmas! *Decorations will be removed by Main Street Wauchula by Friday, January 10th and will be disposed of unless you remove the decorations yourself. This may also preclude your participation in future Adopt A Pole programs. Signed and Dated *