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Pacific Coast Region NMRA / FRRS

Diamond Rails Forever 2019 Convention

May 2 — 5, 2019

McClellan Park, California


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While there are no convention activities scheduled for Wednesday, the hotel will have rooms at the convention rate and registration will be available at the hotel for those who choose to arrive early. So, we will need a volunteer or two to help with registration/company store on Wednesday.
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Banquet Special Diet Needs

The banquet will be buffet style with three entrees: chicken, tri-tip beef, and salmon and will include house salad and dessert table. If you have special dietary needs (including vegetarian) that cannot be met from the buffet, please indicate below. These will be plated meals. The vegetarian meal will be chef's choice. If you select one of these, please contact Scott McAllister at drf2019facilities@pcrnmra.org to discuss.
Special diet

Convention Cars (Tidewater Southern 50' PS1, #'s 501 & 519)

Enter number of cars desired. Due to the difference in numbers available, single cars will most likely be #519.

Convention Polo Shirts with Embroidered Logo on Pocket

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Shirts must be ordered by March 18, 2019.
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