Emergency Information Planning Evaluation

How prepared are you for an Emergency? Complete the Self-Assessment and Find Out!

Do you have a system in place to alert first responders of your healthcare vital information including medications, blood type, allergies and any other special concerns? Why this question is important  * 🛈
Do you have a system in place to immediately notify designated individuals if you are... Check all that apply: Why this question is important * 🛈
Do you have healthcare documents prepared? Check all that are complete: Why this question is important * 🛈
Can important individuals access your vital healthcare documents at a moment’s notice from anywhere at any time and deliver them electonically as needed?  Why this question is important  * 🛈
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We are pleased to provide a complimentary in-depth analysis and discussion
on how you can improve your emergency preparedness.
There is no obligation other than to learn more in order to make informed decisions.


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