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You are interested in applying to Queen's programs and services for entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs in Eastern Ontario.

Please answer the following questions which will help us to determine your company's eligibility for our various programs and services.

Upon submission, we will review your application and if we have any questions we will contact you within 2-3 days of receiving your submission. Please allow 1 week for a formal response.

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Rick Boswell


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Before you get started on completing this application, we would like to ask a few questions to determine eligibility for all of our programs. Please select the categories that most accurately describe your company:
In addition to our main programs, we also offer a suite of programs targeted towards women entrepreneurs. Through a contribution agreement with the federal government, Queen’s University Partnerships and Innovation (QPI) and its partners are receiving funding from the Women's Entrepreneurship Strategy Ecosystem Fund which helps to address gaps and build capacity in the entrepreneurship ecosystem for women. The Queen’s initiative is known as the WE-CAN Project. If you (and your co-founders, owners (if any)) are described by any one of the following three streams, you will also be sent an additional confidential questionnaire from the Human Rights and Equity Office at Queen's University that will require you to disclose self identifying information that will determine eligibilty for the WE-CAN Project.

Please consider whether you are described by one of the following 3 streams:

1. Women entrepreneurs who are starting, or have (co-)founded, and-or who lead companies that are in technology sectors in Kingston and neighbouring communities including Gananoque, Brockville, Napanee, and Belleville;

2. Indigenous women entrepreneurs in Kingston and the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory and associated communities; or

3. Women entrepreneurs from diverse and underrepresented groups, including visible minorities, newcomers to Canada, persons with disability, and women entrepreneurs from the rural area who are looking to start and/or grow their business in the Greater Kingston Area.

Do you, your co-founders or owners fall into one of the above three groups? *
You have selected 'Yes' to the above question. You and your co-founders or owners (if any) will each be sent a confidential questionnaire that will determine your eligibility for the WE-CAN program.
Please note the following:
1. Your self-identification information is strictly confidential.  It will be stored in the Equity Services data warehouse. 
2. Only the appropriate staff of Equity Services and Queen's Partnerships and Innovation have access to your self-identification information.
3. The self-identification information will only be used to assess eligibility for the three streams identified above.
4. Any reports based on the self-identification information will be in summary form only, so that no individual can be identified.
5. The self-identification information provided by any individual can be changed upon the written request of that individual.
Do you have an affiliation with Queen's University ?
(eg. Faculty, Staff, Student (UG/G), PDF, etc) *
You have indicated that your company is neither tech, science or software based and that your company is not led by a woman entrepreneur in any of the three streams and that you have an affiliation with Queen's. We ask that you complete the application and we'll follow up to determine the best fit with our programs. 
Please note that not all programs and services may be available due to potential conflicts of interest as defined by our funding providers. 
You have indicated that your company is neither tech, science or software based and that your company is not led by a woman entrepreneur in any of the three streams. We currently do not have any programs for which you could be eligible, however that can always change. Selecting 'Continue' will allow your application to be completed and submitted and we'll get back to you with the results, or you can select 'Follow Up' to exit the application and we will follow up with you to determine next steps. *