Real Dog Rescue Adoption Contract

Adoption Information
My dog is: *
Thank you for adopting a dog from Real Dog Rescue.
By checking all boxes, and typing your name in the signature box, you are acknowledging that you understand, and agree to abide by all the conditions set forth by Real Dog Rescue ("RDR") 
The adoption fee for an adult dog is $400 and for a puppy under one year of age is $500, which includes costs associated with transport and health inspections. The adoption fees help to pay for the incurred veterinary expenses and the care of the dog in rescue plus the additional charges related to various state regulations. ADOPTION FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. If you have questions about any of the terms in this contract, please ask an RDR representative. By signing this agreement, you are agreeing to the terms.

I agree to pay the full adoption fee to Real Dog Rescue. If the adoption fee is not paid, I agree that the dog must be returned to a representative of Real Dog Rescue immediately. Should I not be able to return the dog, I agree to permit a representative of the rescue come to my home to retrieve the dog. *
It is Real Dog Rescue's policy to spay/neuter all dogs prior to adoption. In some instances, we will delay altering a dog due to medical or behavioral issues.
If my dog is not spayed/neutered at the time of adoption, I agree to execute Real Dog Rescue's Spay/Neuter Contract and to work with RDR to have my dog altered within the timeframe indicated by RDR, not to exceed 6 months of age, unless the delay is deemed medically necessary by a licensed veterinarian. *
I am adopting this dog as a permanent member of my household. I will provide it with a loving and safe home, which includes food, shelter, water and medical care. *
I agree not to leave my dog unattended in my yard, especially when I am not home; I agree to always keep this dog within a securely fenced yard or supervised on a leash; I agree to never allow the dog to be tied up or chained, or left unsupervised in a yard for long periods of time. I agree that if I am adopting a Great Pyrenees or other livestock guardian breed, I will not attempt to train the dog on an electric underground fence or shock collar. I understand that any violation of this provision is grounds for the immediate reclaiming of the dog by RDR. *
I agree not to leave my dog unattended in any car. I agree to transport my dog in a safe manner, which does NOT include in the open flatbed of a truck. *
I will comply with all federal, state and local animal laws and ordinances. This shall include licensing my dog and keeping an identification tag on him/her. *
Your dog has been microchipped and registered by RDR. Owners may update registration information in the case of a change of address or phone number. I agree to keep RDR as a secondary contact on the microchip for the remainder of the animal's life. *
I am accepting this animal "as is". I understand that Real Dog Rescue can not guarantee the health, temperament, breed, age or size of any adopted animal. Unless otherwise noted, the dog you are adopting has had a general health exam from a licenced veterinarian. This examination confirms that at the time of the exam, the dog appeared to be in good general, physical health, or as noted by the accompanying health record. I understand that symptoms of disease may not be present at the time of the health check and that the general health check does not guarantee that the dog will not become ill after adoption. I agree to assume any and all medical costs incurred, should my dog become ill after adoption. *
I agree to assume full responsibility for all medical costs incurred for the lifetime of this animal. Real Dog Rescue does not reimburse, and is not responsible for, any medical costs after adoption. I agree to to take my dog to a licenced veterinarian on an annual basis (or more frequently as recommended) for physical examinations and vaccinations. I agree to vaccinate my pet, as recommended, by a licenced veterinarian. I agree to maintain my dog on an AVMA approved heartworm prevention protocol and test annually for heartworm, parasites and tickborn disease. Caring for a companion animal can quickly become expensive in the case of injury or illness. RDR strongly recommends that adopters obtain health insurance for their pet upon adoption. *
I agree to immediately notify RDR if my pet becomes lost or is stolen. *
I agree that I may not transfer custody of the dog to any other person or shelter. I agree that if, for any reason, I am unable to keep the dog, I will contact RDR. I agree to provide written notice to RDR, of my need to rehome the dog. RDR reserves the right, without obligation, to regain custody of the dog, at our discretion. I agree to allow RDR to evaluate the dog prior to intake and agree to pay any fees associated with intake, including behavior consultation or updating vetting, if needed. I understand that it may take up to fifteen days for RDR to make arrangements for the care of my dog. If I need the dog to be removed from my home immediately, I agree to arrange and pay for boarding for my dog for up to fifteen days. *
All animals need training and time to settle into a new home. I agree to allow my new dog this opportunity and agree to seek out professional, positive training as needed. I agree to contact Real Dog Rescue immediately should I have concerns about obedience, housebreaking, chewing or for any other behavioral concern. *
I agree that my adopted dog shall not be cosmetically altered in any way; this includes tail docking and ear cropping. I agree not to remove double dew claws of livestock guardian breeds unless deemed medically necessary by a veterinarian. *
I agree to allow an agent of Real Dog Rescue to check the living environment of the dog for comfort and safety. I give Real Dog Rescue the right to reclaim the dog if I have violated any of the terms of this contract, or, if in RDR's judgement, the animal is being neglected, abused or is otherwise in danger. *
All dogs need training and time to settle into their new home I understand this, and agree to help my dog become a happy well-adjusted family pet. I agree to work with my dog in the areas of housebreaking, socialization and proper manners, and I also agree to enlist the help of a qualified professional, should an issue arise with my adopted dog. I am committed to working though any perceived 'issue' or event throughout the course of my dog's life. I agree I will not utilize the services of a trainer that advocates dominance training/alpha rolling, etc. If I do not understand these terms or cannot find an appropriate trainer, I agree to contact RDR for guidance on selecting a trainer. *
I herby accept possession, title and responsibility for the dog identified herein. I release Real Dog Rescue, forever, from any and all libilities for injury or damages to any person or property caused in the future by said dog, and from any causes of action, claims, suits, or demands that may arise as a result of such. I understand that, like humans, dogs differ in their responses to different situations. I agree that my dog will be supervised with children at all times. I understand that a dog's behavior may change in a new environment and that my dog will need time to acclimate itself to my home. Real Dog Rescue makes no representations as to the temperment and/or behavior of any dog adopted from our organization. 
I have read, and fully understand, the terms of this contract. By typing my name below, I understand that I am legally bound to abide by the terms listed above.