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Work days are crucial for keeping the trail system open for everybody to enjoy. It is also a great time to spend time in the woods and surrounded by fellow riders sharing stories and laughs. What you can expect on a work day is meeting up near a trailhead and walking the trail to fix any erosion, obstructions, and hazards. 
Work days for this year (Additional dates might be added):
June 10 & 11
October 14 & 15
What we recommend bringing to any workday:
Hiking shoes
long pants
Water... and more of it
Mosquito & Tik repellent
And a good attitude, you're going to have fun!
Lunch will be provided by the club (hamburgers and hot dogs).
Sign up below, and our Trail Bosses will provide you with additional information and any last-minute changes or cancellations. Information will also be posted on our Facebook page. 
Thank you in advance for volunteering your time to ensure these trails stay open for future generations of riders!

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