Here is the ordering form for jerseys and hats. Ordering will be open until November 1st. Once the order is completed they will be mailed to the address supplied. Pickup will be available in the Allentown area or Danville area.  Mark box that you plan to pick up when ordering. We will refund $5 per item when they are picked up. The Jerseys tend to run on the large side, so please consider this when ordering.


Jackets are high quality and shipping would be additional $15-$20 making price in the $120 range $100 if picked up. If interested please check the box.  If there is enough interest, an order will be placed and you will be contacted.  They are water repellant and lined with stitched embroidery which is the reason for the price. 


Please understand we make little to no profit on these items. We are offering the items because of multiple requests for them 


All items are nonreturnable with no refunds or exchanges!


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 All items are nonreturnable with no refunds or exchanges