We at PTRA (Former PaTRA)   are making a change in membership/support. In reviewing the changes in the dual sport arena with early filling and closings to events we have decided to make some hopefully positive changes. We will be increasing PTRA fee to 35 dollars annually. As a supporter of PTRA you will be supporting the bald eagle trail system for open riding on the only state available single track trails on 7 mts and Shady mt. As a member we will offer sign up to the dual sport event one month earlier than nonsupporters Note this event like other events sell out early last year both Michaux and 7 mts closed quickly, a likely continuing trend. Along with early sign up, as a supporter, a discount will be given for the event and if as a member/supporter you help on at least one trail maintenance day additional discount will be given. The end result is about a 20 dollar cost. The majority of the fee should be tax deductible. Realize we are nonprofit and all dollars are spent on the continued work of promoting single track riding in the state and working with DCNR to maintain the only current free public single track riding for OHM dualsports. We at PTRA would like to thank you ahead of time for any help or donations        

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