Payment Plan Form [Visa/MasterCard]

Have you summited a REALTOR® Membership Application? *
If you are missing a REALTOR® Applciation we will send you a link to fill out an application instead, there is a spot in the application process to fill out the payment plan if you want to join. We have to have an applicaiton on file before we can accept any other type of form. Thank you for your understanding.
Fill out 2021 REALTOR Membership Applicaiton here. (Payment plan section is included)
Automatic Credit Card Payment Authorization for 2021 REALTOR® Dues
Please charge my card up to 3 installment payments on a regular monthly basis, which will include membership dues to my credit indicated below.
Charge Dates: 1st When form is recieved 2nd Following 15th 3rd Following 15th
By completing this form and checking each box, I herby authorize the Snohomish County Camano Association of REALTORS® (SCCAR) and the credit card company identified on this authorization to process the charges authorized herein.
Terms and Conditions * 🛈
SCCAR has the right to refuse participation in the plan.
I agree to let SCCAR process my card for the selected amount above *