REALTOR® Awards Nomination Form

Do you know someone who has gone above and beyond in their quest for excellence? Show your support for your colleagues and friends by nominating them for a REALTOR® Association Award.

Nominations must be submtited October 18th - November 15th.

REALTOR® of the Year

The REALTOR® of the Year is the highest and most coveted award which can be bestowed by one’s peers. This award is based on the outstanding contributions of a REALTOR® to the local, state, and national REALTOR® associations. The recipient must demonstrate REALTOR® “spirit” and a faithfulness to the principles of the REALTOR® organization, professionalism, and the Code of Ethics.

Frank Nardo REALTOR® Achievement

The REALTOR® Achievement Award is presented to an individual REALTOR® who has made a difference in the Association, either through a single accomplishment or a series of achievements throughout a career in real estate. Since 1999, we have recognized such leadership by naming the REALTOR® Achievement Award in honor of Frank Nardo who embodied the ideal of REALTOR® achievement, through his devotion to our industry and his work for our association as an officer and president.

REALTOR® Good Neighbor Award

The Good Neighbor award recognize a REALTOR® for their extraordinary accomplishments in community service, who have made an impact on their community through volunteer work. This award is based on the outstanding contributions of an individual to his or her local community, as well as being an active participant of the local REALTOR® association.

Affiliate of the Year

This award is open to a non-REALTOR® associated with the real estate industry such as employees of title companies, lending institutions, appraisers etc. Nominee must be a SCCAR affiliate member.

Citizen of the Year

The Citizen of the Year award is given to a non-REALTOR® individual who works toward the betterment of our community through public service or private actions. We have recognized both public servants and community volunteers with this award.

One to Watch

This award recognizes our newer members who demonstrate ingenuity and creativity in their careers. They continue to innovate, reposition, and reinvent themselves and their business models in the changing markets. They have taken on a leadership and/or mentoring role to agents around them and are involved with volunteer organizations within their community.

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