2023 SEMA Best Engineered Vehicle Application


  1. The SEMA Best Engineered Vehicle of the Year is one that displays both the complex nature of a complete vehicle as well as exceptional engineering efforts beyond just its physical appearance.
  2. The new innovative breakthroughs will demonstrate the quality of engineering of the entire vehicle, or aspect of the vehicle that goes beyond just outward appearances.
  3. SEMA staff, and/or persons working, contractually for SEMA, are precluded from consideration as a SEMA Best Engineered Vehicle of the Year award candidate.
  4. The vehicle MUST be displayed at the 2023 SEMA Show.
  5. The vehicle build MUST be completed in the same calendar year as the 2023 SEMA Show.

Contact Information

Vehicle Information

Completion of this form DOES NOT provide nominator with entrance to the show or an opportunity to display your vehicle. That must be done outside of applying for this award.

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