The SEMA Automotive Influencer of the Year Award is established to honor a content creator for their outstanding contributions to automotive culture and for creating a positive impact with automotive enthusiasts.

The below qualifications should be considered (although not required) for the SEMA Automotive Influencer of the Year Award. It is expected that the majority will be achieved.

     A.Influencer creates original, entertaining, and informative automotive media content.

     B.Whether established or up-and-coming, the Influencer must have a loyal and substantial following of passionate and engaged automotive enthusiasts.

     C.Throughout the last year, Influencer has used their platform and audience to promote positive automotive content, messaging, and/or entertainment which has benefited the automotive aftermarket and automotive culture.

     D.The SEMA Influencer of the Year shall be awarded to an individual person and not to an anonymous or non-identified Influencer brand or channel.

Where can we view their content? Please include handles for any of the applicable platforms below:

If you have questions regarding the SEMA Awards or need general assistance, please contact Chris Standifer at chriss@sema.org.