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Costs shown below are for the full subscription year which runs from 1st October to 30th September.

Membership costs are calculated on a pro rata basis throughout the year.

Reception will let you know the exact cost of your membership.

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The safety of members, guests and staff is important. A thorough risk assessment has been carried out as advised by England Squash to ensure all who use the squash courts can do so safely. This risk assessment is displayed by the courts.

Covid-19 TWC Player Guidelines is a summary of expectations around use of the courts and can be found on the club website under “Club Info”.  

By ticking the box you confirm that you will endeavour to read through the club’s risk assessment, have read Covid-19 TWC Player Guidelines and that you will abide by the terms of club usage. *


By ticking this box you accept that photographs or videos of your child may be used for marketing purposes and that you give your consent for usage *


Please note that by registering your child for membership of The Wimbledon Club, you are confirming that you have read our policies and will abide by the Codes of Conduct and Rules of the Club that may be found at www.twcsport.co.uk.


As a non-profit organisation and a Community Amateur Sports Club, assistance from parents and senior members is very welcome. If you are able to support in any capacity, please indicate below. *


The club is committed to supporting squash at every level, from introducing disadvantaged children to squash through the Squash Squared programme to inspiring world class professional  tournaments and a national standard 1st team.

Such support would be unachievable without our partners and sponsors.

Please tick this box if would like to have greater involvement in helping squash at the club.


The parents of junior members occasionally need to be contacted by other members for friendly or club tournament matches.

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