Sault Tribe Membership Participation Form

Please Note: If your Member issue is one that you would prefer to raise directly with an individual Board Member or with the team members in the Chairperson's office, you can obtain contact information for each of the Board Members, the Chairperson and/or the Tribe's Membership Liaisons by calling 906-635-6050 or by visiting the Tribe's web site at
If you who would like to address the Board of Directors at a Regular Meeting of the Board, you must complete this form and return it to a Membership Liaison or designated team member. This is necessary so that we can:
(1) Identify the Members who wish to speak;
(2) Allow the Board to hear everyone in an efficient manner; and
(3) Make sure we have the information needed to follow up with you if necessary. The Board will not ordinarily engage in discussion and will generally not be in a position to provide a response to specific issues; however, a team member will be assigned to follow up with you when this is appropriate. The following procedures
1. To assure that each interested Tribal Member will have an opportunity to speak, your comments are limited to five minutes.
2. You must confine your remarks to the issue identified on your request form.
3. Personal attacks and disrespectful or disruptive conduct will not be permitted.
4. Your comments to the Board may take place in closed session at your own request or at the discretion of the Chairperson if your issue is sensitive or personal or if it involves a matter that may be the subject of a closed session.
5. To preserve your ability to grieve or appeal an employment matter, you are reminded to raise your issue through the proper procedures in the appropriate personnel manual. Addressing the Board directly may circumvent your ability to grieve or appeal.
Check this box to indicate you agree to the above statements numbered 1 through 5 *
Indicate below if you wish to register to attend the meeting or address the Board of Directors *