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Dear Parent:

Children’s Cancer Fund (CCF) was founded in 1982 by a coalition of parents whose children were receiving cancer therapy at Children’s Health Children’s Medical Center. CCF is a tax-exempt public charity that raises funds to support pediatric oncology research in the North Texas area. CCF hosts an annual Gala and Fashion Show each spring as its largest fundraising event. When the luncheon began in 1989, there were two main purposes for the event:

  1. To give young cancer patients a platform to celebrate their lives. 
  1. To raise money to help advance pediatric cancer research.

Today, these key principles continue to be CCF’s focus for the annual event. We are humbled that you have an interest in your child’s participation with CCF. Cancer patients at Children’s Medical Center are an integral part of the success of this fundraising event. The first year, participants will submit artwork and model on the runway with their sponsor. After this, all the children are invited back to participate as Alumni Survivors.

Fashion Show participation means that the children commit to creating one piece of original artwork, attending a photo shoot, attending a fashion fitting, and attending the Gala. The model’s artwork will be displayed during the Fashion Show. On the day of the Gala, the children have a hair and make-up artist prepare them for the show, and they get to meet local celebrities, athletes and musicians from whom they can obtain autographs. Lastly, each participant receives a goodie bag filled with fun treasures, toys, and treats.


Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Child must be between the ages of 5 and 16 on the day of the Gala.
  1. Child must be a current cancer patient at Children’s Medical Center.
  1. Child must be able to attend the Photo Shoot January (Date TBD), the fashion fitting in February/March (Dates TBD), and Gala and Fashion Show in April (Date TBD).
  1. Child should be able to draw and color original artwork. The child doesn’t have to have artistic talent, but he/she should have a full range of motion to complete the task on their own.
  1. Child must be able to spend the late afternoon of the Gala and Fashion Show backstage without a parent or guardian. The parent/guardian is invited to watch the Gala and Fashion Show from the ballroom. Volunteers from Children’s Medical Center and CCF are paired up with the children, will assist them with getting dressed for the show, and will stay with them at all times. If there is an emergency, someone will retrieve the parent/guardian from the ballroom.
  1. Child must be comfortable with walking down the runway during the Fashion Show. The use of walkers, wheelchairs, and other services are allowed. Ramps and stairs to the stage are provided.


Child and Parent Responsibilities:

  1. Fashion Show Model must be able to attend all functions related to the Gala, including the Photo Shoot, Fashion Fitting, and the Gala.
  1. Model must wear the outfit donated by the Fashion Presenter during the Fashion Show. The Model typically participates in the selection of that outfit. The outfit the Model chooses is theirs to keep following the Fashion Show.
  1. Volunteers from Children's Medical Center and CCF are paired up with each child and will stay with him/her backstage at all times. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to enjoy the event after their child is dropped off backstage. If an emergency arises, the parent/guardian will be notified immediately.
  1. Parent or guardian must notify CCF of any conflicts with any information included with the Model program or the events. 
  1. Prior to committing their child’s participation, the parent or guardian must make all necessary arrangements with their child’s school for the day of the Gala. Parent or guardian must ensure that the Gala date does not conflict with any required school testing or other school activities which would cause the child to be unable to participate in the Gala.
  1. Parent or guardian is responsible for all travel to and from CCF functions.
  1. Child may be asked to participate in media interviews or special presentations during the Gala. These activities are not mandatory and will be the decision of the parent or guardian.
  1. Models and Alumni Survivors, and their parents are expected to conduct themselves in a well-mannered way at all times. This includes, but is not limited to, the Photo Shoot, Fashion Fitting, Gala, and media interviews. We understand that these children and their families are facing a very difficult time with painful and uncomfortable treatments and that all children have good and bad days; however, we do expect the children to be polite and gracious to the volunteers, the fashion donors, the hair and make-up artists, sponsors, and to each other.