2024-25 NTC College Scholars Program Application

The College Scholars Program offers a select group of intellectually driven students a community within which to pursue their interests, and fosters student-faculty relationships in the form of mentorship, informal interactions, and academic opportunities. If you are interested in being considered for the 2024-2025 College Scholars Program, please respond to the following questions on this application.

Eligible students must be:

Current first-year students with a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or above in the fall semester (final grades). Students in ALL majors are welcome to apply. Please note that there is a required College Scholars Retreat to begin the 2024-25 school year that will take place the weekend of August 23-25.

Application Deadline: Monday, 2.26.24. This link will stop accepting applications after 11:59 PM on Monday, 2.26. 

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Eligibility Questions

College Scholars applicants must be current first-year students with a 3.4 or above GPA in the fall semester (final grades) to be considered for admission. College Scholars must also be in good standing with the university. Before you begin your application, please confirm you meet the eligibility criteria:
Please check this box to confirm that you are currently a first-year student in 2023-24 the school year. (Accepted applicants will participate as sophomores in 2024-25.) *

Please check this box to confirm you have met (or anticipate meeting) the 3.4 or higher GPA requirement.

Please note that we will confirm final fall GPAs for all applicants following the application deadline.

Please check this box to confirm that you are in good behavioral and academic standing with the university. *

Part 1: General Information & Demographic Data

All information in this section is solely for data purposes and will not factor into admissions decisions.
School of Primary Major *
How did you learn about College Scholars? *
DATA ONLY: Which of the following best describes you? Check all that apply. *
DATA ONLY: To which gender identity do you most identify? Check all that apply. *
DATA ONLY: Are there other identities you would like us to know that are important to you? Check all that apply.
DATA ONLY: Are you an international student? *

Part 2: Cohort Preferences

Members of College Scholars are a part of our broader community of approximately 120 community members as well as a specific cohort of 10-15 students. 

College Scholars cohorts are organized around combined broad themes and designed to foster common intellectual experiences and encourage students to think about big questions collaboratively.

Please click here to learn more about the different 2024-25 College Scholars Cohort themes and rank your preferences below from 1-10.

(1=My favorite cohort option, 10=My least favorite cohort option)

Please rank your preferred cohorts.
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