Training Needs Assessment & Community Survey

The Behavioral Health Training Collaborative (aka BHTC) was established in December 2019 to provide mental health and wellness trainings at no cost to the Orange County, California community.  We would like to ask for your participation in this survey to help us in continuing to provide training opportunities to the community that are of interest and relevant to you, your family and the community.

Please rate your interest in attending in mental/behavioral-health related trainings:
What are the biggest mental/behavioral health needs for you, your family, or your community, as it relates to trainings provided? Select all that apply.
 You/Your FamilyYour Community
Responding to a person’s mental/behavioral health needs
Understanding a person’s cultural background & needs
Knowing about mental/behavioral health resources in the area
Getting the needed mental/behavioral health resources
Overcoming the stigma associated with having a mental illness
Managing mental health symptoms
Parenting advice/resources
Other (please specify)
Which population(s) are you most interested in learning more about with regards to mental/behavioral health issues: Select all that apply.
What mental/behavioral health training topics would you be interested in? Select all that apply.

*Mental Health First Aid is defined as understanding and responding to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders.

What are your top two (2) preferred methods of learning:
How long should each of the following types of training last?
 1-2 hours3-5 hoursOne day
Self-paced/Independent Learning
Hands on
When is it most convenient for you to attend trainings? Select all that apply.
Do you have reliable internet access?
Do you have access to a computer, phone or tablet with video capabilities?
What types of professionals would you like to see facilitate trainings? Select all that apply.
What do think would be your biggest barrier to participating in mental/behavioral health trainings? Select all that apply.
In what languages should trainings be available to community members? Select all that apply.
Please select the top three (3) ways you would prefer to find out about available mental/behavioral health trainings.
What is your age?
What is your current gender identity?
What is your sexual orientation?
What is your race/ethnicity? Select all that apply

Would you be willing for us to follow-up with you in the future to ask if your needs or opinions have changed? If yes, please provide your contact information below: