2020 Leadership Grant Application

Please Note: This grant application requests a cover sheet, application narrative and supporting documents.
1. Please visit our website to review funding guidelines and resources that informed development of our Just For Kids Theory of Change. In particular, please read “The Dawn of System Leadership” by Peter Senge, Hal Hamilton, and John Kania.
2. Please fill in all spaces. Please do not include materials other than those specifically requested.
3. Please submit all application materials electronically by 11:59pm CT on July 30, 2020.


  1. Please complete the Leadership Grant Application Cover Page, available here, and submit below.

  2. Application Narrative - Leadership Grants are available to Deaconess Impact Partners (DIP). In addition to the cover page, applicants should submit a narrative of no more than two (2), double-spaced pages identifying current organizational capacity building priorities. Please also describe how your chief executive plans to engage in advocacy or policy change efforts using the outline below. In the narrative, please address each item below:

    Capacity-Building Sustainability

    • How has your organization sustained a capacity-building culture (i.e. strategic planning, board development, succession planning, financial modeling, equity and inclusion practices, etc.) since your engagement as an Impact Partner?
    • What are your current capacity-building priorities?
    • What systems change efforts are the chief executive involved in or seeking to engage in the next twelve months?

    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    • Describe the specific geographic areas and populations (e.g. counties, municipalities or neighborhoods AND ages, race/ethnicity, income level, population size, etc.) that will be impacted by, and benefit from, this funding request.
    • Please provide the racial/ethnic and gender demographics of your organization’s staff and board.
    • How do your organization’s efforts serve and/or impact different racial/ethnic groups?
    • How are the racial/ethnic groups most affected by your efforts represented in your organization’s work?

    Implementation and Evaluation

    • How will the proposed capacity building effort be implemented? Include a brief timeline outlining anticipated activities.
    • Deaconess Impact Partners who receive Leadership Grants will be expected to participate in the annual executive directors’ retreat, a capacity assessment (with results available to you for planning), and Deaconess’ program evaluation.
  3. Financial and Supporting Documents

    Please include the following supporting documents with your application as outlined below:

    • A one-page project budget that outlines how requested funds (up to $15,000) will be utilized.
    • Organization’s last completed fiscal year budget (including actuals)
    • Board-approved, current fiscal year budget (please note start and end dates for your fiscal year)
    • Most recent audited financial statement
    • Copy of most recent strategic plan
    • List of current members of board of directors, including professional affiliations

    For more information, please contact:  Michael Shultz, Program Assistant at michaels@deaconess.org or 314-436-8001

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Agreement: I certify to the best of my knowledge, that all information included in this proposal is correct. The tax exempt status of this organization, or its fiscal agent, is still in effect. If a grant is awarded to this organization, then the proceeds of that grant will not be distributed or used to benefit any organization or individual supporting or engaged in applicable anti-terrorist financing and asset control laws, statutes, and executive orders. 
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