2021 Mission-Related Investment Application

Please Note: This grant application requests an application narrative and supporting documents.
1. Please visit our website to review funding guidelines, and resources that informed development of our Just For Kids Theory of Change.
2.  Please answer all questions, and do not include any materials other than those specifically requested.
3.  Please submit all application materials by 11:59pm CT on October 15, 2021
4. If you have any questions or would like assistance, please contact Michael Shultz at michaels@deaconess.org
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7. Eligibility requirement: must have a tax exempt designation (i.e 501(c)3)) to be eligible to apply.
8. Click here to view the 2021 Mission Related Investment Term Sheet.

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I.       Application Narrative

Please submit a narrative document describing how the requested capital investment will expand your organization’s capacity while also strengthening the community in alignment with Deaconess policy priorities to advance child well-being in the St. Louis metropolitan region. Proposals that do not follow these guidelines will not be considered for investment. 

In the narrative of no more than four (4) double-spaced pages, please describe your capital request by addressing the following:

Organizational Excellence
  • How will the requested capital investment expand your organization’s capacity or further your organizational goals?
  • What strategic partners or stakeholders are you engaging with on this effort? Include any ways that your organization strives to incorporate the perspective of the communities you serve.
Impact and Alignment
  • How will the requested capital investment provide social returns by strengthening the community in alignment with one or more of the Deaconess policy priorities?
  • How will you measure financial and social performance for this investment?
Racial equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Please provide the racial/ethnic and gender demographics of your organization’s staff and board.
  • How do your organization’s efforts serve and/or impact different racial/ethnic groups? Children/youth?
  • How are the racial/ethnic groups most affected by your efforts represented in your organization’s work?
Financial Strength and Sustainability
  • Describe the requested investment, including your business plan and timeline. Please include any risks and plans for risk mitigation.
  • What is your organization’s track record of, and qualifications to manage and repay a loan?
    Describe your organization’s capacity to repay the loan including expected revenues, operating reserves, or other financial resources to be used for repayment.
  • What potential financing or other resources will be attracted to support your effort?
II.       Financial and Supporting Documents

Please include the following supporting documents with your application:

  • Itemized FY 2021 Operating Budget (with actual expenses and revenues)
  • Last three years’ audited financial statements or IRS Form 990s
  • IRS Determination Letter
  • One Paragraph Biographies for Each Senior Staff Member
  • List of Current Board Members with their Professional Affiliations
  • Supplemental materials demonstrating organizational and financial strength, readiness for borrowing and repayment of the investment, and efforts in alignment with Deaconess policy priorities (i.e. theory of change, business model, strategic plan, articles, etc.)

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Agreement: I certify to the best of my knowledge, that all information included in this proposal is correct. The tax exempt status of this organization, or its fiscal agent, is still in effect. If a grant is awarded to this organization, then the proceeds of that grant will not be distributed or used to benefit any organization or individual supporting or engaged in applicable anti-terrorist financing and asset control laws, statutes, and executive orders. 
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Reserved Rights

Deaconess Foundation reserves the right to: accept or reject any or all applications submitted; request additional information from any or all respondents; and contact respondents to ensure full understanding of and responsiveness to the solicitation requirements.