2021 Responsive Grant Proposal

Please Note: This grant application requests an application narrative and supporting documents.
1. Please visit our website to review funding guidelines, and resources that informed development of our Just For Kids Theory of Change.
2. Please fill in all spaces. Please do not include materials other than those specifically requested.
3. Applications will be accepted quarterly. Please submit all application materials by 11:59pm CT on January 29April 30July 30, or  October 29, 2020.
4. If you have any questions or would like assistance, please contact Michael Shultz at michaels@deaconess.org
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I.       Application Narrative
Applicants should submit a narrative of no more than three (3), double-spaced pages describing how your proposed policy, advocacy, or organizing effort will promote systemic change in alignment with the Deaconess policy priorities to address racial and structural inequities, and ultimately improve child well-being in the St. Louis metropolitan area using the outline below. Proposals that do no follow these guidelines will not be considered for funding. 
In the narrative, please describe your funding request by addressing each item below.
Project Scope and Plan
  • Briefly describe the proposed work this grant will support. How will this effort be implemented? Include a brief timeline and anticipated activities. If you are proposing organizing work, please include the specific organizing model you plan to use.
  • If your work requires significant collaborative efforts or if applying as part of a collaborative, describe your unique contribution, the length of time your organization has worked with your partners, their contributions to the project, roles, responsibilities, and funding sources specific to the project.
  • Provide a few examples of recent projects and/or achievements that will help us understand your successes to date or readiness to take on new approaches or strategies
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Please provide the racial/ethnic and gender demographics of your organization’s staff and board.
  • How does your work serve and/or impact different racial/ethnic groups? Children/Youth?
  • How are the racial/ethnic groups most affected by your work represented in your organization’s work? Include any ways that your organization strives to incorporate the perspective of the communities you serve

Alignment with the Just for Kids Theory of Change

  • Please “map” how your proposed effort demonstrates alignment with the capacities influenced, arenas changed, and community results as presented in the Just for Kids Theory of Change. Please provide specific estimates for the number of policymakers, residents, youth, congregants, organizers, and other stakeholders to be engaged and your expected results.
  • Capacities Influenced: What community and system capacities must be activated for your work to build upon?
    • How will your work equip child service providers, churches, or community organizers to focus on child advocacy?
    • How will this effort equip and position youth and child advocates to move systems and/or strengthen networks and alliances for child well-being policy?
    • How will these efforts increase citizen contact with policymakers?
  • Arenas Changed: What must be influenced to achieve your desired longer term results?
    • How will your proposed effort influence:
      • the availability, affordability and accessibility of accredited child care, high-quality medical, mental, and oral health homes, or asset building supports and services,
      • restorative justice practices in schools,
      • equitable contacts and outcomes for youth in criminal justice and child welfare systems, and/or,
      • family-supporting living wages?
    • How will this effort make policymakers aware of innovative solutions?
  • Community Results: What community results and policy shifts do you expect to observe in alignment with Deaconess’ policy priorities?
    • How will your proposed effort advance:
      • Physical, social, emotional and cognitive kindergarten readiness,
      • Reconciliation of disparate infant mortality rates,
      • Youth receiving just treatment under the law,
      • Attainment of family economic stability within one generation, and/or
      • Our community’s affirmation of children’s right to well-being and responsibility to create the conditions for each child to flourish?
  • How will you track and measure progress? You will be asked to report on progress in a mid-year and annual/ final report.
II.       Financial and Supporting Documents

Please include the following supporting documents with your application as outlined below:

  • Download and complete the itemized, one-page project budget and include a budget narrative (one page or less).
  • Organization’s last completed fiscal year budget AND board-approved, current fiscal year budget (include actuals and note start and end dates for your fiscal year)
  • IRS Determination Letter from nonprofit applicant
  • If applying with a fiscal agent, please provide the IRS Determination Letter for the fiscal agent along with a signed agreement letter between the applicant and fiscal agent

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Agreement: I certify to the best of my knowledge, that all information included in this proposal is correct. The tax exempt status of this organization, or its fiscal agent, is still in effect. If a grant is awarded to this organization, then the proceeds of that grant will not be distributed or used to benefit any organization or individual supporting or engaged in applicable anti-terrorist financing and asset control laws, statutes, and executive orders. 
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