Hello Sister.  Thank you for thinking of Sisters traveling solo when it comes to planning your trip. 
There are receipts of submission provided; once you hit submit please note that we recieved your request.  You can confirm that your request went through successfully by checking your credit card statement. 
On the morning day of or evening before your scheduled call we will send you a link to access our expert via Zoom.
If you have any questions while completing this form, please contact us at info@sisterstravelingsolo.com
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Please be specific about your desered destination; we cannot plan around an entire Continent (ie Africa).  If you do not have specifics please take time to research exactly where you want to go 1st and then proceed with completing this form.  





We will go over our trip planning questionnaire to get a little bit more detail about you, your travel goals, travel preferences, and overall budget.  You should have a destination in mind before booking your consultation to ensure you get the max value out of your consultation with our travel expert.   

  1. Click the form above to book a consultation with one of our travel experts. Pick the day and time that works best for you.

  2. On the morning day of or evening before your scheduled call, we will send you a link to access our expert via Zoom.

  3. On your up to (30) minute call, you will tell our travel experts the location that would like to travel, share your travel preferences, and overall likes and dislikes.  Our expert will also go through our list of travel consultation questions.   The goal is to narrow down your expert Country preference by the end of the call.  The call will start and end on time. 

  4. The consultation call is to discuss your travel preferences and budget.  Our travel expert will determine whether or your budget is inline with those preferences and/or make suggestions where to needed. 


We will take all the things we learned in your consultation and begin to put other your tailored trip itinerary. 

24-hours after the call our travel expert will notify you via email of the cost for us to plan the trip.  

  1. Trip itineraries include (2) revisions. Revision requests must be submitted within 48-hours of the delivery of the trip itinerary. The trip will be finalized if no revision request is submitted within 48 hours of the delivery of the trip itinerary. Additional Country added to the itinerary must take place during the revision request, and payment sent within 2-hours of the request. 

  2. Trip planning includes providing you with the best travel itinerary based on our expert knowledge, local contacts, and recommendations as they align with your travel plans, desires, and budget. We will write the itinerary, provide you with the resources, and it's your job to make all the bookings. 



​Once the final itinerary is approved, we will proceed with booking each piece of the trip; lodging, tours, transportation, and any airline vouchers needed. 

  1. Twenty-four hours after the trip itinerary is approved, we will send you an invoice for you for the full trip cost. Invoice must be paid within 72 hours of being submitted. 

  2. After your invoice is paid, we will begin to make all necessary travel arrangements based on the confirmed itinerary. Our travel expert will let you know if it's better to book now or wait, depending on your trip dates, in addition to what passenger details that will be required to make any booking.

  3. We will provide you with the details of each booking made, including the cancellation policies. Please alert us during the consultation if you want to avoid non-refundable activities, lodging, or flights (if applicable).

  4. Any cancellation fees will be deduction from any refunds given.

  5. During the trip, we will follow up with your clients via email or WhatsApp to ensure their journey is going well. 

  6. This extra step is an additional $100/per person or couple with the same contact information.



The cost for the general consultation which will last up to 30-minutes is $59.95/per call


The amount you pay for this service depends on how in-depth your trip planning process will be, the number of Countries you want to visit, and the number of parties traveling. However, clients should expect to pay no less than $150 for a single destination, single person trip planning service. Each additional destination added to the trip is $55/each.  This is in addition to our consultation fee.  The more details you provide us with on your call, the better we can help you plan an unforgettable trip!

Activities and lodging are subject to availability at the time you decide to book. We cannot hold bookings, nor will alternatives be provided if the activity is no longer available at the time you choose to book.  


The cost for the our team to make all required bookings and follow up with your clients on the trip is $100/per person or per couple.  


Trip Credits cannot be used towards our trip planning services.


Pick a Date and Time. Our sessions will start and end on time. *
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Our consultation is NON-REFUNDABLE.   

Our trip planning fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

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