Please be specific about your desered destination; we cannot plan around an entire Continent (i.e. I want to go to Africa).  If you do not have specifics please take time to research exactly where you want to go 1st and then proceed with completing this form.  


Trip planning includes providing the best travel itinerary based on our expert knowledge, local contacts, and recommendations as they align with your travel plans, desires, and budget. We will write the itinerary, provide you with the resources and links to book everything listed in your completed itinerary. It will be your job to make all the bookings.

Our services do not include making payments on your behalf.  included a detailed trip itinerary with (2) revisions.


‚ÄčThe amount you pay for this service depends on how in-depth your trip-planning process will be, the number of Countries you want to visit, and the number of parties traveling.

However, clients should expect to pay at least $150 for a single destination single person trip planning service.
The more details you provide us in this intake form will help us to provide a more accurate quote.

Activities and lodging are subject to availability when you decide to book. We cannot hold bookings, nor will alternatives be provided if the activity is no longer available when you choose to book.