Our wellness-centered trips are geared towards the woman looking to break away from her four walls, reset, refresh, and refocus. Each trip will focus on a set of wellness centered, including but not limited to hiking, meditation, pampering, food & digital detoxing, and relaxation. If you are seeking to visit tourist attractions, or tour areas outside of our selected wellness site, our traditional or cultural trips will be a better option for you. The ideal wellness traveler is someone looking to regroup, and self reflect.
Her Wellness House (HWH) and Sisters Traveling Solo (STS)  are two separate businesses operating under the CSB Holding company.  Product, services, credits, discounts, etc., are not transferrable between companies.   


Trip Dates: April 26 - 30, 2023
5 days, 4 nights


All payments made to Her Wellness House are non-refundable and non-transferable. Except as detailed below within the section titled Refund Policy.


IMPORTANT NOTE: All rooms contain (1) King bed. 


Monthly Payments start on June 15, 2022

Double Occupancy (2) people in a shared room

Total Trip Cost: $3,995 per person 
Non-refundable deposit: $495
Non-refundable monthly payments: $437.50 x 8 payments

Single Occupancy (1) person in a room

Total Trip Cost: $5,550 per person 
Non-refundable deposit: $650
Non-refundable monthly payments: $612.50 x 8 payments

Trip Pricing *


(Accomodation details are provided (4) weeks before trip departure.)
Overwater Bungalows
Villas suspended over crystal waters. Water villas in the Maldives are the quintessential experience. Indulge in lagoon living, waking up to the Indian ocean breeze, or peering through your glass viewing panel in the bathroom to gaze at colourful marine life. Bathe in a standalone tub with picture-perfect views of the waters. 
Bed Type: (1) King Bed. This is the only room type available. An additional rollaway bed (limited availability) can be added, or the daybed that is in the room can be setup as an extra bed at no additional charge.
Max Room Occupancy: 2 people
Room includes:
- Steps into the lagoon and rinse shower
- Sundeck with daybed
- Dining area and loungers
- Standalone tub with framed lagoon views
- Minibar (extra cost for consumption)
- Espresso machine
- Yoga mats and beach essentials
- Free Wi-Fi. 

The selection of a double occupancy for this room type confirms that you understand and agree with the following statements:
- I understand that there is only (1) king bed in the room
- I understand that if I select the double occupancy option I can either share the king bed with another member who also selected double occupancy.  Or can request that the daybed be turned into a bed, or request a roll away bed.  
- I understand that roll away beds are first come first serve and may not be available upon request.
- I understand that the resort does not take roll away bed request in advance.  The request will need to be made upon arrival. 
- I understand that Her Wellness House will not assign bed assignments if either guest decides not to share the king bed and opt for a roll away bed, or the day bed to be coverted into a bed.
- I understand that if I have a roommate when signing up for this trip, I must confirm who that member is when booking this trip. 
- I understand that if my preferred roommate does not show up for any reason, I will be reassigned with or without notice a new roommate. 
Accomodations *


Overwater Bungalows - Villas suspended over crystal waters. Water villas in the Maldives are the quintessential experience.  Room includes - One King Bed
3-Day Spa Treatment - Dedicate a little time to yourself on your wellness trip to unwind; Energizing and Recharging scrub, Abhyanga massage, & Cleopatra 24 Carat Gold and Collagen Facial.  
Full Meal Plan - Breakfast, lunch and dinner included at our resort, and their sister property.   
Clear-Bottom Kayaks - Kayaking provides the perfect way to see the resort lagoons. 
Private Group Movie - Cozy into oversized bean bags with sisters on the beach and watch a movie on the big screen under the bright stars of the Maldivian sky.
Private Yoga / Meditation Sessions - Enjoy both yoga and meditation all three mornings of your trip. 

Airport Transfers - 30-minute round trip speed boat transfers from Male airport to our villa. 

Tours & Activities - Tours and activities as listed in the trip itinerary. 

Apparel - Each attendee will be receive our wellness swag bag


Her Wellness House experiences are soley for women. 
Attendees must 21 years or older at the time of trip departure
. All Travelers must sign a travel agreement after trip signup; the travel agreement be reviewed in advance by clicking HERE

Travelers who do not agree with any parts of the travel agreement should not register for this trip. 


Trip bookings can be made online with major credit cards in US dollars. Credit card charges will be accepted online to fulfill non-refundable deposit requirements. After 24-hours of submitting your deposit, there will be no switching to another trip or another trip week. Travelers should ensure they book the correct trip, trip week, and room type before submitting this trip registration form. The room type cannot be changed after the deposit has been submitted.



Current Total:


The trip deposit will be refunded upon request via email 24-hours after the trip has been booked. After 24-hours of trip registration submission, all payments (deposits and monthly payments) to Her Wellness House are non-refundable and non-transferable to another person or another trip.  
Refund section of this form *


TRIP INCLUSIONS - Anything not mentioned in "Included in Trip Cost" section of this form is NOTincluded in trip cost.
TRAVEL INSURANCE REQUIRED - Travelers must purchase travel insurance no later than 6-weeks prior to trip departure date.  The minimum travel insurance coverage required is $150,000 when you add medicial and evuation line items. 
PRE-TRIP COMMUNICATION - Our pre-trip communication is done via email only. If you require a phone call we kindly ask that you not book this trip. 
INVOICING - Her Wellness House by Sisters Traveling Solo will send (1) invoice a month on the 5th of the month, and is due that invoice is due on the 15th of the same month. Travelers understand that they are held to all trip payment due dates and cancellation terms regardless of when the invoice is sent. Her Wellness House by Sisters Traveling Solo provides two options for paying off the balance of trips; monthly payments due on the 15th of each month or payment in full. The monthly payment amount can be found on the trip registration form. Travelers who would like to pay their trip off in full should email info@herwellness.com between the 1st and 4th of each month to request to pay off the trip in advance. The balance must be paid by the 15th of the month requested.
Travelers will be given a 2-day grace period after the invoice due date of the 15th of the month to make their payment. If trip payment is not received by 11:59 PM EST on the 17th of the month, the trip will be canceled. Canceled trips will not be reinstated.
CUSTOMER PORTAL - A few weeks after booking, Travelers will be sent an email with a link to our customer portal. Travelers must sign up to this customer portal to access and pay monthly invoices. All important trip documents will be uploaded to the customer portal as outlined in this trip registration form's important trip document section.
VACCINATION REQUIREMENTS - Sisters Traveling Solo cannot predict the future as it relates to country and or covid entry requirements; however, travelers should note the following before booking:

No refunds, trip credits, or trip transfers to another trip or person will be provided if a trip participant fail to meet any country or vaccination entry requirements.

Any additional covid test that non-vaccinated travelers require is the Traveler'sTraveler's responsibility.

Schedule adjustments will not be made to accommodate non-vaccinated travelers who need to take an additional covid test. Schedule adjustments include but are not limited to; rebooking any missed activity due to taking a covid test, changing the date or times of group activities, or canceling any part of the trip due to unvaccinated travelers'travelers' inability to participate due to restrictions.
Vaccinated travelers must carry the proper documentation while traveling. Have your vaccination card or take a photo on your phone for reference. Vaccinated travelers who cannot prove their vaccination status to local authorities will be held to the above-unvaccinated traveler policies. 
Things To Know Section of Form *


By signing below, this  trip or retreat with Her Wellness House by Sisters Traveling Solo, Travelers agree to the Terms and Conditions as outlined in this Travel Agreement located at www.herwellnesshouse.com.  Click here to view the Travel Agreement on our website. *


By signing you agree to all information as outlined above. *