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Please answer the following questions to see if you qualify for us to produce your group's cruise event.

Type Of Proposed Event

Have You Ever Cruised Before?
Ideal Length of Cruise to Include Enough Time During Days at Sea to Facilitate Group Activities and Gatherings..

I Think THIS Would Make For A Great Trip...

What is the size of your prospect list (database of invitees)? For companies, this can be your subscribers, students, customers, patients, clients, etc. For individuals, this can be your facebook friends and fans, guest list of family invitees, church members, hobby club members, groups you belong to, etc.

Our Top Priorities

 Very ImportantSomewhat ImportantNot ImportantNot Applicable
Top of the Line Experience
Group Activities
Enrichment Program
Family Fun
Open Bar Cocktail Parties
Pre-Cruise Hotel
Private Port Excursions
No Risk / Out of Pocket Expense
Cruise for Free
Earn Money for Charity
Earn Money for Our Organization
Ability to Book Online
Help with Promoting
Help with Branding
Someone from Our Staff Go Along
To Make This an Annual Event
Fla. Seller of Travel Ref. No. ST37530
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