Thank you for your interest in serving at Cedar Canyon Camp!
Our mission statement reads: 
"Cedar Canyon Camp exists to serve the ministries of the Northwest District and the extended Christian community by providing an environment for activities that will honor Christ, promote the Gospel, and support God's Kingdom."
We accomplish that through offering a place for camps and retreats that is safe, comfortable, and challenges people to grow in their faith and walk with God.  We host youth groups, adult groups, corporate retreats, and more.
Our values we hold to ensure that our mission is accomplished are as follows:
Experience-We provide an environment for people to experience God, community, and fun.
Service-We are committed to a 'Say yes to the guest' mentality, finding creative ways to better serve our guests.
Purpose-We believe that God wishes to move and establish Himself through the space and programs we provide and that we have the potential to impact countless lives and future generations.
Faith-We believe that we are called to present a clear message of the good news of Jesus Christ, and that through His love we are saved.
If you feel Cedar Canyon Camp is a good fit for you, we would love for you to fill out an application.  We will review all applications and respond to you as soon as we can.
Thank you again!

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