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Thank you for your interest in joining Team Lucky Pup! We are a dedicated group of professionals. We not only provide the best in-their-home pet care and neighborhood dog walking services for our clients, but we also are experts in customer service. Our expert team works hard to not only care for the pets entrusted to us, but we work hard to also make their family feel good about using our services. We work hard to be educated professionals, trusted advisers, and caring and empathetic members of their family. We pay attention to the details and go above and beyond for our clients. We believe in modern, progressive training and handling of all pets, and we work in a force-free, fear-free, and pain-free manner.
If you are looking for a job that allows you to stay active, care for pets of all kinds, types, breeds, and conditions, use your problem solving and customer service skills, and that makes you incredibly happy, you may have found just the place. We look forward to hearing from you!

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If you are selected to continue in our process, can we run a multi-state credit, criminal, driving record and background check on you? *
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About the Job

Pet sitting and dog walking can be a physically intensive job.  We might be walking or interacting with dogs that are not formally trained and have few manners, working on un-even terrain, walking up and down flights of stairs, and carrying heavy loads for short distances.  The job involves walking, lifting, stooping, bending, and squatting.  Pet sitters and dog walkers work in heat, cold, rain, and snow.  They can have multiple visit assignments without time for a break.
Our Pet Care positions require the applicant to have a smart phone with mobile internet capabilities (not wifi-only capabilities), and to drive a non-shared reliable vehicle.  Our Pet Care Team covers a geographically large area, and applicants are required to drive their own vehicle.  Some days our team drives between visits as much as or more than they are visiting with pets.
Are you able to life at least 50 lbs and be active for four or more hours in a row? *
Do you drive a non-shared, reliable vehicle? *
Do you own a smart phone? *
Do you feel comfortable working in inclement weather (include heat, ice, snow, and heavy rain)? *
Do you feel comfortable driving in inclement weather (include heat, ice, snow, and heavy rain) both in and out of the Sioux Falls city limits? *
Do you understand that these positions involve a large amount of driving between assignments and that you might spend a significant portion of your time driving? *


Pet sitting and dog walking can be a variable position.  Some days we have more visits to complete than others.  Our workload is dependent on which families are traveling when.  There are weeks where we work very intensive schedules and some weeks where we are very slow.  It helps keep the job interesting! 
Because of this, we are not able to make guarantees as to how busy an applicant will be at any given time. A "Very Part Time" employee may have weeks where they are not scheduled for any visits and other weeks may be scheduled to their maximum availability.  This can be the perfect schedule for the right person!
Also, pet sitting often occurs on nights, weekends, and holidays.  Our busiest seasons are November through January and June through August. 
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Employment History

Pet sitting and dog walking is a unique career!  We want to get to know you more and how your previous skills can make you a successful pet care professional.  Please share any paid or volunteer work that you believe will benefit you in this position.


If you are selected to move forward in our application process, we will contact your references.  Please provide references that we can contact who can speak to your work at a past place of employment, your work in a team, your inter-personal or customer service skills, or in a volunteer position.
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