Pre-Engagement Survey

Yukon First Nations and the Yukon Government are committed to the long-term responsible management of Yukon’s mineral resources and to supporting a healthy mining industry that adheres to high environmental and social standards. 
We need your guidance on how to make that happen.

We are currently in the Pre-Engagement stage of the Yukon Minerals Development Strategy (YMDS) process. Pre-engagement helps us design a process that works for as many people as possible.

We don't want to assume that we know what's important to you.  That's why we're asking Yukoners:

  1. How would you like to be engaged in this process?
  2. What are the things we need to think about and talk about when considering the future of mineral development in the Yukon?

This Pre-Engagement Survey will close on November 30th.

We take your privacy seriously. Your responses to this survey are kept confidential. Should you choose to provide your personal contact information, your information will only be used for the purposes identified in this survey.
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