Each Key Club in good standing in the New York District may select two delegates and two alternates to represent their club at the 2024 caucus and House of Delegates at the annual Leadership Training Conference.  Delegates will elect the leaders of the New York District Key Club and vote on any proposed amendments to the bylaws.

This delegate certificate of election must be completed and submitted via this online portal no later than 5:00 pm on Wednesday, March 6, 2024.  This certifies that the persons named have been selected as delegates by the club.

At the Conference there will be a credentials desk where each elected registered delegate will be confirmed and given credentials which will allow entry into the caucuses and the House of Delegates.

Club Information

THIS IS TO CERTIFY that the listed members of the following Key Club are the duly elected delegates and alternates of this club to the New York District Key Club Leadership Training Conference.

Delegate Information