This claim form should be completed by the authorised senior officer of the forum (or grant holding organisation) that signed the Conditions of Grant for the 2019-20 application and returned to Contact by pressing the 'submit' button below when complete.

Contact is the contracted partner of the Department for Education (DfE) and administers the parent carer participation grant on their behalf. If your forum’s proposed spend has changed from that on your approved 2019-20 grant application, please check with your regional advisor that your amended plans still meet the Conditions of Grant before going ahead. The amount claimed will also need to be accounted for at year-end as part of the total grant payment, supported by invoices and receipts.

Please be aware that your forum’s 2018-19 monitoring has to be approved before you can apply for your additional claim payment.

Additional claim for 2019-20
Forum health and effectiveness

We’d like to know a little about how your forum has fared throughout this year. Has anything impacted upon your expected progress, or have you encountered significant challenges?
Amount to be claimed

Please be aware that if you received a 2018/19 monitoring approval letter confirming an underspend, you need to deduct this underspend (point e.) from the amount you wish to apply for (point f.).  For example, if you applied for £15,000 and have already received a first payment of £7,500, but had a £2,000 underspend in 2018/19, you will only be permitted to apply for £5,500 for your 2nd grant payment.

Forum and Signatory details
1.5: by clicking agree I confirm that I, the named person in field 1.3, certify that:
the above claim is made in accordance with the terms and conditions of the grant funding agreement for forum named in field 1.1 above;
the grant received and spent has been used wholly for the purposes for which it was given;
the amount of grant claimed on this form represents expenditure incurred or to be incurred for the purposes for which grant is given; and
I am the signatory on the Conditions of Grant for the 2019/20 parent carer participation grant application
You will be emailed a copy of the form, with a PDF attachment, once you click submit.
As you have already applied for the grant and agreed that you have understood our GDPR privacy statement there is no need to agree again, as we will already hold the details above in relation to the grant.