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We can pickup on any day (except Sundays or holidays); however the low-cost option is to have pickup on the day that we are regularly in your neighborhood.  See the graphic at the bottom of the form.  After your initial pickup you can request subsequent service by simple text message request.
When do you need your items picked up? * 🛈
When do you need your items delivered back to you? * 🛈
Please leave your items in a bag with a note that says LOOKSHARP CLEANERS and Your Name.  Leave your items outside, or with a concierge if you are in a building with concierge service, or leave us a door access code, or otherwise have your items accessible.  Our drivers cannot simply go to a locked building, call, and hope someone answers and lets them in.
Authorization *
Terms of Service:
There is NO PICKUP/DELIVERY FEE, however there is a $20 min order, which is incurred upon requesting a pickup.
LookSharp logs and records are considered final for pickups or deliveries, and any articles picked up and delivered, including the number of items picked up, their condition, and their delivery. Claims must be made within 24 hours of items received.
Minor repairs (buttons, loose seams, etc.) are noted and completed without customer consultation.
Stain removal is on a reasonable efforts basis, no stain is guaranteed to come out, stains may have already affected the color or fabric beneath them, and stains may lift some dye with them when they are removed.  
Customers are required to maintain up-to-date contact information with LookSharp including cell phone, address, and email address; customers may not intentionally block or filter LookSharp messaging, as some items do require consultation.
No liability accepted on: household items (comforters, cushion covers, drapes, etc., due to the fact that they are typically only cleaned rarely and the accumulated damage, stains, bleaching, fraying, etc is not something that can be warranted); redo, complimentary or discounted services; alterations or repairs (due to their subjective nature and the fact that a repair is by its nature a remediation of something already damaged); items without legible care labels, glued decorations, pre-damaged items, wash/fold items (which aren’t individually itemized, inspected, and tagged), or items left over 30 days.
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