Instructions: Please complete the form to the best of your ability using the space provided.  After the complaint is received, the Commission will investigate the complaint. You and/or the person/organization against whom the complaint is being made may be contacted in an attempt to resolve the complaint. If the complaint is not resolved by the investigation and if the Commission believes that discrimination may have taken place, a public hearing may be called by the Human Relations Commission to resolve the complaint. If the issue is not resolved at the public hearing, the Commission may continue to investigate. The Commission will reach a final decision regarding the complaint and will report its decision to you.

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In your opinion, which of the following categories apply to your complaint? *

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PART 2: Please share any steps already taken, if any, concerning this matter. (for example, “talked to my union representative,” “talked to a lawyer,” “filed a complaint with the Illinois Human Relations Commission,” etc.)

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