Handlebar Rental Request

We will do our best to get you the exact bike request but may need to switch to a similar bike in a different brand due to availability
All rentals include a helmet

Downhill/Enduro (Full Sus)
:160-20mmmm travel, best for enjoying the downhills
Bikes: Carbon Norco Aurum, Aluminum: Intense Tracer, Norco Range 

All Mountain (Full Sus):
140-160mm of travel. Great all around bikes for good climbing and plenty of downhill suspension
Bikes: Carbon: Intense ACV Plus, Norco Sight Aluminum: Norco Sight. 

Trail/XC (Full Sus): 120mm of travel. Improved climbing ability for faster climbs. Enough suspension to handle most cross-country trails. 
Bikes: Aluminum: Norco Fluid

XC Hardtail: 100mm of travel, front suspension only. Great for gravel roads or smooth singletrack or ride around town
Bikes: Alum: Norco Storm and Norco Fluid HT Plus
Junior: Norco Fluid 24" or 20" Full Suspension, Norco Fluid 24" or 20" Hardtail Plus
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Additional Riders

Rider 2: Add-Ons
Rider 2: Warranty and Service Plan 🛈
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Rider 3: Warranty and Service Plan 🛈
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Rider 4:Warranty and Service Plan 🛈
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