The Basics

Are you 18 years or older? *
Are you affiliated with a School or University? *

Experience & Qualifications

Have you worked/volunteered with us in the past? *
Having a disability or medical issue doesn't exclude you from working at MC3. Knowing any limitations helps us maintain a safe envinment and assists in making sure you are in a position that fits your individual situation. 

Scheduling & Availability

Please note: In order to be eligible, you are required to attend on eorientation and work at least one full day (Each full day shift includes one 30 minute break)
We will be holding a raffle with tons of cool prizes
You will recieve 1 raffle ticket if you're working 1 day
You will recieve 4 raffle tickets if you're working 2 days
Your will recieve 9 raffle tickets if you're working all 3 days
Which Orientation will you be attending? *
Which day(s) can you work? * 🛈
Would you like to work as an ASL Interpreter during our scheduled panels? Interpreter must be registered in the state of Michigan and have their BEI or be Nationally Certified)
All applicants are required to upload a VALID, Clear, Legible copy of their lega; photo I.D. We will automatically cancel your application if the information and/or picture is unclear. Please also make sure that you incluse a copy of the back if you have an updated address. 

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