June 20th - June 26th, 2021
Held at the Jones County Fairgrounds
Monticello, Iowa
The mentor program is open to young ladies and gentlemen ages 16-21 years old. Application forms will be accepted until March 1st.  The EIHPC Board of Directors will meet and review those submitted applications.
You will be notified of your mentor application status by April 1st.  

Mentor Information

Parent/Guardian Contact Information

Relationship to Participant: *
Relationship to Participant:

Mentor Riding Information

Have you ever been to this camp before? *
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Areas of Riding Interest

What types of riding do you regularly participate in? Please check all that apply*

Iowa Code Chapter 673

WARNING: Under Iowa law, a domesticated animal professional is not liable for damages suffered by, an injury to, or the death of a participant resulting from the inherent risks of domesticated animal activities, pursuant to Iowa Code Chapter 673. You are assuming inherent risks of participating in this domesticated animal activity. A number of inherent risks are associated with a domesticated animal activity. A domesticated animal may behave in a manner that results in damage to property or an injury or death to a person. Risks associated with the activity may include injuries caused by bucking, biting, stumbling, rearing, trampling, scratching, falling, or butting. The domesticated animal may react unpredictably to conditions, including, but not limited to, a sudden movement, loud noise, and unfamiliar environment, or the introduction of unfamiliar persons, animals, or objects. The domesticated animal may also react in a dangerous manner when a condition or treatment is considered hazardous to the welfare of the animal; a collision occurs with an object or animal; or a participant fails to exercise reasonable care, take adequate precautions, or use adequate control when engaging in a domesticated animal activity, including failing to maintain reasonable control of the animal or failing to act in a manner consistent with the person’s abilities.     
Check the box below. *

Mentor Responsibilities and Duties

Mentors are at camp to help, please do what is requested of you by any of the camp staff. Please be helpful and not bossyIf you see a problem with a camper, please report it to the camp staff, you are not to give out punishment.

Besides assisting the instructors, other duties may include and are not limited to:

  • Assist with check in on Sunday
  • Help with morning and evening feedings and cleaning (stalls and aisle sweeping)
  • Help in the wash racks to groom and bathe horses
  • Aid in Saturday morning clean up in the barns, kitchen, and dorms
  • Assist in E-cademy centers
  • Notify the barn men, instructors, or camp management of any problems or safety concerns
  • Any task that camp staff asks for you to help with

Barn Duties

  • Turn on barn and parking lot lights in the evening and off in the morning
  • Check to see if all horses have water each night and fill any empty bucket.
  • Help any camper that needs assistance; saddling/bridling, feeding, cleaning stalls, & washing horses
  • Help in snack bar and E-cademy centers


We, the parent(s) and mentor, have read and agree to abide by the rules and conditions as stated above. The above named prospective mentor has permission to take part in the Eastern Iowa Horse and Pony Camp.


Please set a good example for our future Mentors!  Remember you are there to help – not give orders.

The success of camp is directly attributed to the many volunteers and mentors we rely on.                             

Thank you for your time and generosity!

Camp T-Shirt

Optional Camp Items For Purchase

Sawdust & Hay

If any of these additional items are purchased, they will be delivered to your stall the day of camp check in by staff.  Include additional payment in with your application submission. 

We recommend 3 bags of sawdust and 3 bales of hay. If interested in purchasing, please enter the quantity below.

Snack Card

We offer a snack bar to the mentors during the day and evening. They are able to purchase various snacks and drinks off their card the entire week. All cards are held in the snack bar area, so they are not lost. If interested in purchasing, please enter the quantity below. Snack cards can also be purchased at check in.

Optional Friday Night Dinner with your Mentor

This year, we will be having the Friday night supper and awards ceremony in the camp's dining room catered by an outside vendor in order to accommodate the large crowd, possible inclement weather, and the short time frame. Family members can attend the supper with their mentor for a small dining fee.  In order for us to accurately book the number for the caterer, we will need to sell tickets ahead of time. Parents and other children attending the supper will need a ticket to eat. Campers/mentors will not need a ticket Friday night.

Immediately following supper, the awards ceremony will start at 7pm. Parents and family members are invited to stay for the awards. After the ceremony, there will be a dance at approximately 8:00 pm for the campers and mentors. At that time, we will ask that all visitors say good-bye for the evening and exit the grounds.

You can pre-purchase your tickets now and they will be available for pick up at check in on Sunday. Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this. 

Overnight Accommodations

Please let us know if you will be staying on the camp grounds all week or leaving every night. You must do one or the other – not some of both. If you leave the camp grounds every night, you are required to be back on the grounds at 7:30 am the next day. Once at camp, you are expected to stay until you leave for the evening or at the end of the week. Coming and going will not be tolerated. Please select one of the following: *
Will you be bringing your horse to camp for the week? *

Total Fees

If you purchased any items, will you be mailing a check into us or using a credit card/Pay Pal account for the fees?  If you pay by credit card or PayPal, there will be a 3.5% surcharge added to your total.  All payments by check will need to be postmarked by March 1st.                                                                         
Grand Total:

EIHPC Volunteer Background Check Authorization

The Eastern Iowa Horse and Pony Camp is required to do a background check on all volunteers who will be helping at camp. Please complete this background check authorization form with your mentor’s application.

Authorization to Release Information and Records

I hereby authorize the Eastern Iowa Horse and Pony Camp, or their authorized agents, to conduct a thorough check of my past for any criminal history. This is needed by the camp for determination of my eligibility to occupy a position of trust at their camp. I authorize all persons who may have information relevant to this investigation to disclose it. I release from liability all persons, companies, and corporations disclosing this information. I hereby further authorize that a photocopy of this authorization may be considered as valid as the original.
Check the box below. *

Camp Apparel

If you are interested in purchasing any camp apparel, you will need to complete the
Camp Apparel Order Form by March 15th.