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NAIIS Immunization Excellence Awards
Nominations deadline 
MARCH 1, 2023

The National Adult and Influenza Immunization Summit (NAIIS, aka The Summit) is soliciting nominations for awardees for the 2023 NAIIS Immunization Excellence Awards. Immunization stakeholders have gone above and beyond to serve the public health and healthcare needs of individuals and communities, and The Summit wants to recognize our heroes. The 2023 awards recognize individuals and organizations that have made extraordinary contributions towards improving vaccination access and delivery, health equity, and vaccine confidence within their communities during 2022–2023. The awards focus on individuals and organizations that exemplify the meaning of the “immunization neighborhood” (collaboration, coordination, and communication among immunization stakeholders dedicated to meeting the immunization needs of the patient and protecting the community from vaccine-preventable diseases). The 2023 NAIIS Immunization Excellence Awards recognize contributions to influenza vaccination and adult vaccination. Unless an award is specifically focused on influenza, it is the intent of The Summit to recognize broader adult immunization activities. Of course, vaccination activities related to COVID-19 vaccination and/or other vaccinations during the COVID-19 pandemic can and should be highlighted in your nomination packet.

A National Winner will be selected for each award category, and where appropriate an Honorable Mention recipient. The winners will be presented with their awards at the NAIIS meeting (scheduled May 9-11,2023, in Atlanta,GA). The national winner in each category will be invited to give a brief talk about their programs at the NAIIS meeting.  


Award Information

Award Categories:   There are four award categories of recognition accepting nominations:     

The Laura Scott NAIIS Immunization Excellence Award for Outstanding Influenza Season Activities Campaign recognizes innovative activities related to seasonal influenza vaccination across the lifespan (pediatric, adolescent and/or adult activities) and/or among healthcare workers related to improving influenza vaccination.  Submissions may include strategies used to co-administer influenza vaccine along COVID-19 vaccine and other recommended vaccines at the same time.

"Immunization Neighborhood" Immunization Champion award recognizes efforts by individuals and organizations focused on improving COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 immunization rates through the engagement of the immunization neighborhood.  In 2023, nominations should highlight activities related to health equity, vaccine confidence and uptake, access, and strong public and/or private collaborations that have had a positive impact on addressing immunization disparities.  Nominations should highlight collaboration, coordination, and communication (the 3 C’s) among immunization neighborhood stakeholders to meet the immunization needs of patients and protect the community from vaccine-preventable diseases.  National, state and local programs are encouraged to submit nominations. 

Note:  the awards selection committee reserves the right to create additional categories or to not award any winners in a particular category.   

Evaluation Criteria:  Nominations will be evaluated in the following areas related to their immunization activities:

  1. Collaboration / Coordination:  describe the extent of collaboration with other providers and/or organizations such as national, state and local professional organizations, local health departments, local hospitals, pharmacies, clinic/medical practices, community organizations, etc. Nominations should discuss assessment of patient immunization status and referral systems, if applicable, utilized.  Did the work address health equity and access to recommended vaccinations. The components of the Standards for Adult Immunization Practice should be included where appropriate.
  2. Communication: describe activities and processes utilized to keep immunization neighborhood stakeholders informed and engaged, utilization and reporting to IIS (where applicable), and documentation of immunization administration and other activities to patient health records and providers (where applicable).
  3. Originality:  describe the creativity, innovation and originality utilized by the nominee in achieving the vaccination rates and engagement in their community.
  4. Participation and Impact: describe the number and types of healthcare providers and other immunization stakeholders such as community organizations and vaccine advocacy organizations that participated in the activity, as well as the number and demographics of the patients who were vaccinated and/or received immunization messages.  Inclusion of number of individuals vaccinated or educated is encouraged.
  5. Health Equity & Access:  describe the challenges and opportunities that the nominee encountered and how they addressed those issues and improvement in this area.


Each Award Category recipient receives:

Category Winners

Category Honorable Mentions

 - Award plaque (only one to individual or to project)

- $1,000 Honoraria*

- Travel, Lodging and Registration to NAIIS Meeting (up to $1,000) *

- Presentation of Winning Project (limited to 10 minutes) at the NAIIS Meeting

- News Release on receipt of Award  


Note: Corporate Category Recipients and Federal Government entities do not receive items indicated with an * (they will receive a framed Award Certificate (only one to individual or to a project). Honoraria will only be awarded when employer rules and regulations allow.


- $250 Honoraria*

- Presentation of Award to recipient at the NAIIS Meeting

- News Release on receipt of award


Note: Corporate Category Recipients and Federal Government entities do not receive items indicated with an * (they will receive a framed Award Certificate (only one to individual or to a project)








Nominations may be submitted online by completing the form below and clicking the submit button.

Direct inquiries or mail, fax or email completed forms to:

Mitchel C. Rothholz, RPh, MBA
2022 NAIIS Immunization Excellence Awards
101 Harvest Glenn Drive
Harleysville, PA  19438
Direct: 202-497-5350 703-201-6070 FAX: 267-932-8386
email: mrothholz@three-cconsulting.com    
(preferred for scanned documents)


Large files should be sent via Dropbox (upload documents to dropbox and share the file with mrothholz@three-cconsulting.com )


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